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Check it out. #Begone (=remove me from your email list) will be a great movement like #Moveyourmoney that could benefit everyone. http://forr.com/Begone

Ayala Rahav

This call for a universal movement reflects a user centered zeitgeist that marketers should embrace. Control shift does not spell loss of business, it spells embracing the right culture when we, users, own the conversation. I believe more such initiatives will mushroom as part of a user centered paradigm shift that is already grassrooting. more in http://bit.ly/eS1Ikz

Randa Quraan

We, the Xxxx company, will gladly act on Begone emails and remove those who send them from our mailing lists, because we respect our customers."
Randa Quraan
Club Play South Beach

essay services

This movement must be a memorable thing for all. Great thing is they do think of this thing. Great idea!

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