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July 15, 2013

The Forrester Groundswell Awards for 2013: A New Set Of Objectives

by Josh Bernoff

Forrester-lifecycle-2As Nate Elliott announced, we're kicking off the seventh annual Forrester Groundswell Awards. Submit your entry here. The entry deadline is August 30.

Nate and his team have revamped the categories completely this year, focusing around the three objectives in his "RaDaR" framework -- Reach, Depth, and Relationship. (There's also a mobile category and a set of categories for employee social applications -- collaboration, mobility, and consumerization.)

As you can see, RaDaR is very practical, looking at the things from the marketers point of view. Reach, Depth, and Relationship are goals marketers seek now. These are very different from the categories of social goals we used in the book Groundswell -- Listening, Talking, Energizing, and so on. 

Has something changed? It sure has. Social used to be something exceptional and different and hard for marketers to understand. But six years after Groundswell was published -- six years after the huge surge in interest in social -- it's become a practical part of what marketers do. They pursue reach -- social can help. The pursue deeper connections -- social can help. They pursue relationships with customers. Social can help with that, too.

If you've got practical successes that come from using social media to pursue reach, depth, and relationships, post them on our awards site. We'd love to recognize your best work.


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