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March 16, 2012

. . . and we're back

by Josh Bernoff

AckDue to some obscure issues regarding the way our Web content is served, the Empowered site and all the elements of it were inaccessible for most of the last two weeks.

It was a strange problem, because the site was visible from inside Forrester but not from outside. This led to some charming Twitter interactions (Josh: "It's working now." Site visitor: "Um, not it's not.")

Here's what I learned.

  • I made a promise when I put this content up and told people to use it. They expect it to be there. I was surprised how many people apparently use the Forrester Social Technographics Profile Tool regularly and complained when it disappeared.
  • My first instinct to communicate with the world was to blog and use Twitter. Luckily, Twitter was still working. Diversify your channels.
  • The generosity of the audience continues to impress me. Tweeters: thanks for not ripping into us for the downtime, and thanks again for being my unpaid tester corps -- and helping me show the Web team here that there is an audience that cares about this stuff.

Some URL aliases are still down but we're working on that, and everything is accessible from empowered.forrester.com by clicking on the tabs.

A public thank you to the following people who helped us debug the site from all around the world:

Pablo Sanchez Kohn (@pablo_sanchez_k)

Xenia Jones (@jonesx)

Elaine Young (@ejyoung67), a professor whose students were using the tool.

Taqi Rizvi (@taqirizvi)

Grant McDougall (@grantmcdougall)

Chris Maher (@chrishmaher113)

Suzi Craig (@SuziCraig)

Anita Loomba (@anitaloomba)

Max Faingezicht (@maxcr)





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Jake Cook

Hi Josh,

Thank you for getting this link back up. I teach an "Intro to Digital Marketing" course and had just given a take home exam after we covered the material in Groundswell.

My inbox was flooded with some panicked emails from students to say the least.

All the students are thrilled the tool is back up again and thank you for continuing to make it freely available.


Montana State University

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