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October 31, 2011

Winners of the 2011 Forrester Groundswell Awards: Consumer North America

The consumer division, North America was the most hotly contested division, with 98 of the 205 entries. Every year I send out the congratulations notes ... and every year I hear back how excited the winners are. If you're building a social technolgoy application, this is the place to look for models -- these are some of the most impressive applications we've ever seen. We recognized them on stage at the Forrester Consumer Forum in Chicago. We'll be announcing the international winners in November at our European Marketing & Strategy Forum.


Listening (Consumer North America)


The Power of Online Listening and Understanding by Kindercare


The Dell Social Media Listening and Command Center by Dell

Dell has created this dedicated facility to respond with speed and effectiveness to all its customers seeking help or commenting in social environments. Dell's partnership with Radian6 provides technology to collect conversations and analyze real-time data. This information identifies conversation trends and issues, serving as an early warning and feedback system.It has served 20,000 customers, with a 99% resolution rate. It accomplished goals including quicker customer response times, improved issue recognition, mitigation and management, and enhanced internal coordination and more consistent responses. The command center also serves as an early warning system for developing crises around its products and services.

Dell listening


Talking (Consumer North America)


Parallels Social Interactivity & Engagement by Banyan Branch 
BC Salmon Facts by DDB Canada
Bacardi: Like It Live, Like It Together by Blast Radius
VH1's Single and Liking It Photo Contest by Invoke and memelabs


Building a Connected Brand by Ally Bank & iCrossing

Ally bank, a new, online-focused banking entity spun off from GM, needed to generate awareness. Its strategies included a Web site, a blog featuring how-tos and industry experts, 2000 articles on its site, Facebook posts, tweets, and infographics that spread virally. The result of all this content was to generate inbound interest from search engines and social sites. Since January, this activity generated 3 million site visits, a 64% increase over last year, and $128 million in deposits that originated with content visible in natural searches and social.



Energizing (Consumer North America)


Random House's "Random Buzzers" by Affinitive 
Tweetlevel and MTV by Edelman
Mercedes Benz Tweet Race by Razorfish
Kirkland's Finders Keepers Campaign by redpepper


Radio Shack's 2010 Holiday Campaign by imc²

Imc²’s campaign for RadioShack had three parts. First was a promoted Twitter trend for #UNeedANewPhone, those who searched saw a tweet with offers for new iPhones from RadioShack. Second was a campaign called Holiday Heroes, connected with the hashtag #IfIHadSuperPowers. If users tweeted a picture, Radioshack turned it into a photo featuring them as a superhero.  And third was a partnership with FourSquare. The results were impressive: a double digit increase in total wireless sales, 68.4 million impressions on Twitter, and Foursquare users becoming heavy purchasers of mobile devices and accessories.

Radio shack


Supporting (Consumer North America)


Get Satisfaction Social Business Platform by Mint.com 

The personal finance site Mint.com was facing a support crunch from rapid growth. It worked with GetSatisfaction to create a solution as the front line of support, a customer community in which customers support one another. Within 90 days, the company saw a 75% reduction in support tickets, got 50% of its traffic from SEO, and engaged with 90,000 registered users across 15,000 topics.

Mint getsatisfaction


Embracing (Consumer North America)


Co-creation Invigorates Hair Care by Alberto Culver & Communispace 

Communispace created a private online community for Alberto-Culver called My Beauty Café. The community revealed that women struggle to feel fresh and rejuvenated on the days they don’t shampoo. This led to the launch of the TRESemme Fresh Start dry shampoo product, which became the number one brand in the dry shampoo mass channel. By the end of 2010, the product had achieved retail sales topping $7.7 million. It’s now the 6th best selling product in the styling category in mass retail channels.


Social Impact (Consumer North America)


Secret’s Mean Stinks by imc²


Love A Local Business by Intuit

Love a Local Business is a socially enabled competition that allows fans to vote for a small business deserving of love – in the form of a $25,000 business grant. Some of these awards saved local businesses from bankrupctcy. The campaign has generated 80,000 nominations in one month, and 60% of its traffic comes from Facebook. Intuit has recognized 125 local businesses in the US over the last two years.

Love a local business

Mobile Application (Consumer North America)


Six Flags "Skip the Line" Game by Ask.com 
Starbucks Mobile Applications by Starbucks


Relationships + Rentals by Redbox & Signal

Redbox, which runs DVD rental kiosks, offered discounts for people who texted them. The Redbox texting program was a smash success. This program generated 3.7 million new email customers. It pulled in over 400,000 unique people, helped generate 34% in year over year revenue growth, with over 6 million downloads of its app on iPhone and Android. The program gained them over 200,000 new Redbox customers. 






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Scott Bartell

Congrats to all of the Forrester Groundswell Award winners!

Mail Me

Indeed, congratulations to all the winners in the award.
And Dell sure is deserve it, can say that as I used to work there.

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