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June 16, 2011

Why we revisited Groundswell -- and new ways to consume it

by Josh Bernoff

Gsu cover Any book with a degree of success comes out in paperback these days. But when we made the decision to bring out Groundswell in paperback, we didn't want to do an ordinary job. So we didn't. We didn't just add new content, we found new ways to share it.

First the content. As we've already described, we've updated Groundswell with two new chapters. One is on Twitter and how to use it to accomplish any of the five groundswell objectives: listening, talking, energizing, supporting, and embracing, with examples from companies from AT&T to Dunkin' Donuts. For more, see our post on the HBR blog, "What the heck are we doing on Twitter?"

There's also a chapter based on our research on social maturity, the path companies take as they embrace social across their organization.

Of course we've updated the statistics and all the links. And of course, you can now get Groundswell as an inexpensive paperback book ($14.95 list) from Amazon or your local bookstore.

Groundswell vook But if you crave a more multimedia format, you can now download Groundswell as an app for your iPad or iPhone. This "Vook" app includes three videos from me, plus the videos from Will It Blend and Greg The Architect that we describe in the book and a bonus: my rarely seen Groundswell Will It Blend video. The Groundswell Vook app also includes two powerpoint presentations: one with much of the Groundswell data in it, an a second which is a sort of "greatest hits" of the many Groundswell presentations I've given in the last three years. And of course lots and lots of live links right in the text. You can also get this enhanced edition on Apple iBooks.

We haven't neglected the other electronic formats. You can also get the updated Groundswell on Kindle, and soon on Audible (14 chapters of me reading, but some people like that).

A few people with discriminating taste have reviewed the book positively. Since Charlene left Forrester, she wasn't involved in the new book, but she seemed pleased with the result. And Peter Kim, Chief Strategy Officer for Dachis Group, interviewed me and gave the new chapters a close read.

Let's hope this little renovation keeps Groundswell relevant for you and your customers for a while to come. I'm looking forward to it.

Here's a little video you can share about the new edition. And by the way, anybody who wants to update the Groundswell page on Wikipedia to reference this new edition, go for it.


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