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February 09, 2011

What if everything you did was on Wikileaks

Wlogo Does Wikileaks terrify you? It probably should.

Imagine a world in which everything you write might become public. Every email you send: public. You have a telephone conversation -- the person on the other end takes notes. Public. Your support person insults somebody on the phone; she records and posts it.

What would people think? Are you transparent enough to live this way?

Wikileaks or not, this is now the world you are living in. Even if you despise Wikileaks -- even if you think Julian Assange will end up in prison somewhere -- you're not safe. There are a lot of other ways and lots of other place your "secrets" could get posted.

If this scares you, change the way you do business.



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What a bizarre, myopic article! Wikileaks "terrifies" you because somebody might make public an email you sent? That's been a fact of life since the beginning of the internet. It seems like you're using a phony scare tactic to drum up anger towards wikileaks.

Wikileaks isn't some voyeuristic celebrity blog, posting people's email to cause embarrassment. Our government has erected a wall of secrecy, behind which they've lied us into war, initiated and entrenched a policy and culture of torture and in thousands of other ways have misled and misrepresented the American people. Our captains of industry ran the world economy into the ditch with fraud and malfeasance. Wikileaks' goal is to expose this grotesque, criminal wrongdoing. Shame on you for misleading your readership with this "oh noes ther gonna read yr emails!!" trivialization.


Thought provoking post...I read this completely differently than the above commenter.

This isn't about right and wrong, it's about awareness.

It's surprisingly shocking how naive many people are what they post/tweet/put in an email. There is no longer such thing as a redaction (the Wayback Machine and Google cache have put an end to that).

Yes, Wikileaks hasn't (and probably won't) posted "someone's email to cause embarrassment"...but the tools are readily available enough for someone with more malicious motives to do such things...and far too few people realize that anything that you put on the Internet is public knowledge. Forever.

Josh Bernoff

Thank you, Drew. You appear to have seen what "Redacted" missed.

Redacted: I think it's OK to use Wikileaks to make a point for businesspeople. It's not as if I'm violating some sacred trust between Wikileaks and the public.

By the way, "Redacted's" email address shows as "nobody@nobody.com". Anybody want to know his IP address? Or is that a secret?


Wow, very abrupt post. Ending with change how you do biz...I am waiting for the punchline. What can be done to protect against the fact that nothing is private any longer? It's the world we live it?!


All that stuff would be retroactive to the public. The servers, all data is stored. A longer period of time. Anyway, I do not know what's so exciting to Wikileaks. Revealed a few secrets. And then what? I did not know that, who killed President Kennedy. Nor that there are UFOs. I read a book about all this. I did not like. http://www.konyv-konyvek.hu/book_images/07a/999641007a.jpg

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