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November 23, 2010

Empower your clients or staff for the holidays

Empocover Are your clients in need of a little "consciousness raising"? How about your employees?

I have a (somewhat self-serving) solution for you. Send them signed copies of Empowered with your own custom message inside. Just seeing the lightning bolt will brighten their recession weary souls ;-)

Here's how it works:

1. Contact my book assistant, Jennifer Castaneda, and let her know you'll be sending along some books to sign. We You can reach her by email at jcastaneda at forrester dotcom. She needs to know the quantities, the dates, and your return address.

2. Buy as many copies of Empowered as you need. For bulk orders, 800-CEO-READ is offering a 40% discount. You can get free shipping from Amazon if you have Amazon Prime. (These links take you right to the book order pages for Empowered.) Have the books shipped to the following address:

Jennifer Castaneda
Forrester Research
400 Technology Square
Cambridge, MA 02139

3. Let us know what message you'd like in the books. No more than five words, please. Please think inspirational, not promotional -- your clients and employees will appreciate it!

4. When the books arrive at Forrester, I will sign them personally and turn them around within 3 business days. We will pay the return shipping (ground).

5. When they get back to you, distribute them as you see fit.

A few more things to note. I can't sign more than 200 books per company. Make sure you allow time for shipping in both directions. Books that arrive after 15 December may not get back in time for the holidays, and books that arrive after 20 December won't be signed and returned until the new year. Finally, if you want to buy Groundswell or Marketing in the Groundswell instead, that's fine with me, the same offer applies.

And thank you.


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satrap @Ways to make money online

That sounds like a great idea. I have red Empowered and it had profound effect on me, so I would think it would have somewhat similar effect on my employees. I will give it a shot. Thanks.

Rosie Zaldatte

Josh and Ted,
Love this book! I'm Org Psychologist, talk about engaging employees.
Read the book Groundswell, changed my career.

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