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October 29, 2010

Winners of the 2010 Forrester Groundswell Awards (Management)

We continue the list of finalists and winners with the management division -- internal applications aimed at employees. We got a good crop of entries in this division as well, since companies are increasingly adopting social applications for internal use as well as with customers. The diverse management winners included the US military, Intuit (its second award this year), and a company that makes and sells cement.

Employee Social Application (Management)


AT&T Talent Network by TMP Worldwide
Deloitte Fantasy Football by Deloitte


US Department of Defense's APAN Community by Telligent

The Department of Defense's APAN became the primary information sharing platform during the efforts to help after the massive Haiti earthquake. APAN, built on the Telligent platform, is a collaborative, unstructured community of Web portals including forums, wikis, and a mobile Mail gateway to make the system accessible through mobile email and SMS -- essential in emergency conditions. Success stories included getting a donated brain scan machine to where it was needed most, getting available rations to starving people who were nearby, and directing 250 injured survivors to a fully staffed hospital.

Innovation System (Management)


Cisco I-Prize Global Innovation Competition by Cisco Systems
Deloitte Belgium Innovation Initiative by Deloitte
Siemens Sustainability Idea Contest by HYVE Innovation Community GmbH


Intuit Brainstorm: Empowering Employees to Bring Great Ideas to Life by Inuit, Inc.

Brainstorm is a Web based collaboration platform focused on innovation workflows. It enables innovators to grow their ideas, build a team, and get the help needed to move ideas forward. Brainstorm created increased ideas from employees by a factor of 10 and the number of employees actively contributing ideas by a factor of 5. New ideas at Intuit now get to market in an average of 5 months, vs. 13 months previously. This application generated 154 ideas the company has decided to pursue or implement, including the products "ViewMyPaycheck" (75,000 users) and TimeCatcher for Android.

Intuit CashFlow_sm

Collaboration System (Management)


Collaboration 2.0 by Accenture
GE Breaks Down Internal Siloes by Passenger and GE



Shift is an internal collaboration platform at CEMEX, a company that makes building materials. Shift includes messaging, team collaboration tools such as forums and a wiki, real-time collaboration through instant messaging and conferencing, and social tools. Employees have used it to create 200 communities across all operating units to share best practices. It also enables people in 20 countries to share ideas -- a recent ideajam generated 132 ideas that are now in the process of being implemented. CEMEX credits Shift with reshaping the corporate culture toward more openness and authenticity in employee interactions.




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