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October 28, 2010

Winners of the 2010 Forrester Groundswell Awards (Consumer North America)

Today, at Forrester's Consumer Forum, 2010, we presented the winners of the Forrester Groundswell Awards. With social and mobile applications exploding in both number and creativity, we've added a bunch of new categories. In this post, I'll note the worthy winners and finalists in the business-to-consumer division, North America. (Finalists are good enough to win, except that we selected another entrant as even more impressive.)

More posts are coming soon with the winners of the other divisions.

If you're creating social or mobile applications, take a close look at these winners. In categories ranging from chocolate to tampons to financial services, they demonstrate both creativity and measurable results. And what incredible variety! I urge you to emulate, not only what they did, but the brio with which they did it. Be a HERO!

Listening (B2C NA)


Listening to the Student Pulse by Bank of America and Communispace
A Fresh Approach to Shopper Marketing by ConAgra Foods and Communispace:
Getting an Earful about Blu-ray by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment and Communispace


Godiva Sweet Success by Communispace

Once again, Communispace dominates the Listening category with its excellent market research communities. In this application, Communispace created a private, invitation-only community so Godiva could better understand its chocolate consumers. The community helped Godiva to see it could create an afforable product line, individually wrapped chocolates called Gems, and to sell them in a new channel, grocery and drug stores. Gems was the biggest global launch ever for Godiva, which rang up $35 million on a product that may reach 10% of the company's worldwide sales in its first year.


Talking (B2C NA)


American Family Insurance on Facebook by American Family Insurance
Bing: Mashable and Graffiti Integrations by Federated Media


Secret: Let Her Jump by imc2 

During the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, imc2 and Secret created a campaign focused on Lindsey Van, a ski jumper who could not compete since there is no women's ski jumping competition. An online video about Ms. Van encouraged viewers to visit LetHerJump.com, a custom Facebook page, where they could sign up and share the video with friends. People watched the video 700,000 times and the Facebook page has 433,000 fans. Among women viewing the video, 57% said their impression of the Secret brand improved and purchase intent among women who participated on Facebook went up by 11% (33% for teens). Clinical sales increased 8% despite a 70% decrease in TV support.


Energizing (B2C NA)


TurboTax Embraces Customer Reviews for Viral Growth by Intuit, Inc.
USAA Implements Ratings and Reviews by USAA


U by Kotex by Organic

Kimberly-Clark wanted to break through in the feminine care product category by encouraging women to talk openly about their periods. To spread the message, they created a branded website, a presence on social platforms, and visibility on the larger social Web, encouraging women to be proud of their bodies and have open, honest conversations about their periods and vaginal care. So far, the campaign has generated 1.7 million Web site visits, 17,500 tweets about Kotex, 25,000 Kotex discussions in the social space generating 88.5 million impressions, a million girls "activated" on the brand site, 93,000 Likes, and 640 million impressions in major print, broadcast, and online channels. 750,000 people requested samples and these converted at a 42% rate.

UbyK homepage

Supporting (B2C NA)


Get it Right Community by H&R Block
Taxes on Twitter: @TeamTurboTax Provides Customer Support and Resources by Intuit, Inc.


TurboTax Widget For Free Tax Help by Intuit, Inc.

The TurboTax Live Community has helped more than 10 million customers get free tax help from other customers, including 90 superusers who generated over 115,000 answers last year. Intuit created a widget that users could post anywhere that gives tax answers from the community. It integrated the community with Yahoo Answers, which generated a 58% higher engagement rate than people coming in from other channels. Its TurboTron online Super Bowl ad on Yahoo! was seen over 800 million times.


Embracing (B2C NA)


Create Dunkin's Next Donut Contest by Studiocom


Intercontinental Hotels and Chase Create a New Credit Card by Communispace

In 2009, IHG and Chase set out to create a new credit card for members of IGH's customer loyalty program. For twelve months, they collaborated with members of IGH's Communispace Community of loyal IHG customers. They helped design a credit card that includes an annual free night good anywhere in the world and increased point earnings at IHG hotels and for everyday purchases. The new product generated an 80% increase in new accounts in its email campaign, vs. the previous email campaign. 5,000 customers have requested upgrades to the new card.

IHG PCR_Chase_homepage

Social Impact (B2C NA)


Acqua for Life by Blast Radius and Armani
Becel - Love Your Heart by Unilever


Our Health Connects Us by Deutsch LA and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield asks: if people wouldn't get healthy for themselves, would they do it for those they care about? They used TV to deliver the idea that healthy behavior spreads within families and supported it with print, outdoor, and a microsite with a Health Footprint Calculator. The insurer also made the calculator available as a Facebook app and encouraged users to follow "Trainer Bob" (from NBC's "Biggest Loser") on Twitter, where he tweeted about health influence within families. More than 79,000 people visited the microsite, generated more than 5 times the Twitter followers of all the competitors combined, and increased familiarity with the brand idea by 17%. Purchase intent among people who saw at least two elements of the campaign increased by 12%.


Mobile Application (B2C NA)


Bing Home Turf Finder by Deep Focus


USAA iPhone App with Car-Buying Tools by USAA

The financial services firm USAA created the Auto Circle app for car buyers to make the vehicle purchase process simpler. It helps USAA members to find their dream car, research makes and models, get a better deal, and get a low price through USAA-certified dealerships. They can also use the app to get auto loans and insurance from USAA, and check insurance costs. Within 11 days after launch, there were 140,000 visits to the app landing page, driven by social and traditional media outreach, and an 80% increase in unique daily visitors to the USAA car buying service, and a 40% increase in USAA member contacts to auto dealers.

Usaa groundswellacscreenshot




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