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October 29, 2010

Winners of the 2010 Forrester Groundswell Awards (B2B)

In this post, we list the winners of the business-to-business division. Much more than in previous years, the B2B entrants tried a wide variety of interesting strategies. I get asked about B2B all the time in my travels and make no mistake, business customers are open to social technology marketing at least as much as consumers are. So if you sell to businesses, learn from these winners!

Listening (B2B NA)


The Palazzo and The Venetian Leverage Social Media by The Palazzo and The Venetian Las Vegas
Vistaprint's Social Media Strategy by Vistaprint


Adobe Uses eCairn to Discover Key Influencers by eCairn

In just a few weeks, Adobe used eCairn Conversation monitoring to identify 463 relevant bloggers, assess individual influence, and monitor conversations that matter to its business. Adobe is now monitoring between 200 and 600 conversations daily.

Adobe ecairn
Talking (B2B NA)


Down with Big ERP Twitter Campaign by PJA Advertising + Marketing
You Don't Know Jack about Online Marketing by Marketo


POPURLS Brown Edition Delivered by UPS by Federated Media

UPS Wanted to position itself as a business solutions organization and not just a shipping partner. It created http://brown.popurls.com, a business news dashboard. Working with Federated Media, it created original education video content on themes like taking risks, using social networking, and the economics of business abundance. Results included 32,000 video views, 25% regular return visits to the site, and average of almost seven minutes spent on the site per visit. The blogs Small Business Trends, Venture Beat, and TechDirt contributed to the site and their posts reached 30 million people.

Ups gview
Energizing (B2B NA)


Energizing Engineers at NIWeek 2010 by National Instruments
Planet PTC Community by PTC


Spiceworks Users Spread the Word and Create SpiceRex by Spiceworks

The Spiceworks Network is a community of over 1 million IT pros from small to medium businesses using the Spiceworks IT management application in 190 countries. Through word mouth efforts, the most engaged community members, or "SpiceHeads", helped attract 1,500 new IT professionals every day. They also created their own mascot, SpiceRex. SpiceWorks now claims 20% of the global SMB market for IT management. Its users have created more than 25,000 product reviews and over 100,000 discussions.  Users are now creating online ads featuring SpiceRex, and the Spiceworks team will run these ads in their online ad campaign.


Spreading (B2B NA)


Steal our Content - Eloqua's Content Grid & Social Media Playbook by Eloqua
Ecosystem Social Explosion! by IBM


Threatpost by Kaspersky Lab

Sponsored by security vendor Kaspersky Lab, Threatpost is a security news site. The editorial team for Threatpost created a site that includes both original reporting and aggregation of the most important security news stories. Threat post reached 208,000 page views, 90,000 unique visitors, and 200 monthly comments between November 2009 and June 2010. There are 10,000 op-in subscribers to its newsletters in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Combined, Threatpost activities have captured over 1200 leads for Kaspersky.

Kaspersky linux_debian

Supporting (B2B NA)


Supply Chain Expert Community by Kinaxis


IBM developerWorks by IBM

IBM developerWorks is a free community and social network for 8 million developers and IT professionals worldwide. It includes content and discussions on open standards, open source, and IBM technical resources in English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Vietnamese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish. It includes 30,000 articles, forums that attract 1 million visitors a month, 400,000 active profiles, 800 bloggers, and 450 wikis. IBM saves $100 million annually from people who use this resource instead of contacting IBM support.

IBM dwhome-full3

Embracing (B2B NA)


Bombardier YouRail Design Contest by HYVE Innovation Community GmbH


Embracing NI Customers for Software Development by National Instruments

National Instruments has adopted the notion of co-innovation with customers for its LabVIEW product, leveraging its online presence to get product ideas. For example, LabVIEW Idea Exchange is a product feedback forum where users can submit and vote on features concerning topics like user interface enhancements, and hardware integration. NI Labs is a virtual research center that showcases new technologies that aren't quite ready for release, but are ready for comment. NI also uses "secret groups" on its NI Developer Community to engage with lead users before a product launch. In the latest release of LabVIEW, 14 new features from the community were incorporated into the product.

Ni idea exchange



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