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September 14, 2010

Publication day: I'm feeling a bit Empowered myself

Josh empowered by Josh Bernoff

That smile on my face means that after a year of research and preparation, Empowered is now available to everybody. Check your local bookstore. And from the people I'm speaking with and the reviews I'm reading, some of you are feel like we hit the mark.

When Groundswell was published, the challenge for companies was to figure out how to deal with social technologies.

Now the challenge is to figure out how to manage your company in the age of the empowered customer and the empowered worker.

How do I know we're resonating?

14,000 people downloaded the free Kindle version. We hit #2 on the free Kindle list.

500 people registered for our Webinar.

Brian Solis put me on video. Six different publications asked for bylined articles (here's one for B2B magazine on social media tips; here's another one about HEROes for Marketing News; here's one for CIOs by Ted). The rest of the year is filling up fast with requests from all sorts of companies.

Thank you. This feels good. See you in Chicago, London, New York, Atlanta, Kentucky, Leeds, . . .


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Andy O'Hearn

Congratulations, Josh & Ted! Now how can I get one of those way-cool "empowered" T-shirts? :-)

Charee Klimek

What a great accomplishment.

See you in Chicago!

Deanna McNeil

Your smile just brightened my day. I am thoroughly enjoying the Kindle gift even though I pre-ordered your book months ago. Thank you for sharing, any plans to stop in Washington DC?

Gina Aumiller Bender

Congrats Josh! Love the photo. I can't wait to read it.

cathy @ Dubai Hotels

Congratulations for such a great achievement Josh. Keep your spirits high.

Good Luck for the rest.

Alish Houston

Hey Josh,

Congrats for the great achievement. Keep it up mate! Your smile speaks up everything. :)

Cheers mate!


ryan @Learn Poker

Congrats on the instant popularity!...purchased my mother a kindle a year or so ago and look forward to having her download this!


Satrap@ Ways to make money online

Congratulations Josh. I am sure its a great feeling to have achieved it.

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