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September 07, 2010

Empowered free on Kindle this week. Why we're not crazy.

by Josh Bernoff

Kindle reader Starting today and continuing until this Friday September 10, you can download Empowered to your Kindle at no charge.

You want to know how to manage your company in the age of empowered customers, don't you? If you've got a Kindle, what's stopping you?

Now to the other question. Are we crazy?

Some people have told me that giving away Empowered on Kindle makes it seem worthless. Or that I'm giving up revenue.

But I'm gambling on a different outcome.

Empowered cover I think the book is going to unleash a lot of HEROes. I would like to see thousands of you read it, get inspired, energize your customers, and transform your companies. I would love it if you got sufficiently excited to tell somebody else. Go ahead, start something.

I would like it very much if you would prove me right. If you do, plenty more authors and publishers will do this. Reward my faith in you. Download the book and read it now. Then review it, talk about it, tweet it.

Note: If you have an iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Mac, or PC, there are Kindle apps for those devices, too. So you can get it free as well.

And if you prefer print, we love you, too. You can buy the book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your local bookstore. It will be everywhere by next week.

Note: the free Kindle download offer is available in the US only. The Kindle version of Empowered is available in other geographies as well, but it is not free outside the US.

Photo by LenEdgerly via Flickr


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Paul Miller

Hi Josh. Does this offer extend to the UK?
I'm seeing a price of £13.49 for the UK Kindle edition?


Trying to get it through the iPhone Kindle app is showing as charging £13.49. What a shame it's not free in the UK....

Josh Bernoff

Looks like this free offer doesn't extend outside the US. Sorry to all my overseas friends hoping to get a free download . . .

Beth Harte

Josh, Ted,

Thank you very, very much for your generosity. I have been waiting patiently for 'Empowered' to be released and now I have a copy in my hands (Love the Kindle!).

As a marketer, I think it was VERY smart for you to work with the Harvard Business Review to provide free copies. The word of mouth you will receive from those who catch this promotion will not only help sales, but also show organizations that generosity does pay off in the long run.

Will you be sharing with us the outcome of this free promotion? Are you tracking it in any way?


Beth Harte
Serengeti Communications

Alessandra Farabegoli

thank you very, very much! I've been waiting for the release of the book and I'm looking forward to the launch webinar, and I'm really impressed by your generosity :-)

Alessandra Farabegoli

Barb Coates

Hello Josh
The free offer works in Canada.
Looking forward to the webinar and like Ms.Harte I am very interested in the results of your promotion.

Barb Coates
Coast Communications


Here is what you get...Because of your free offer, your book jumbos to the front of the queue . Then, because I appreciate your generosity, I read it sooner rather than later. Then, I review it (hopefully positively!) sooner rather than later. So you get paid attention and links instead of currency. As a marketing strategy, I think this ultimately helps you sell more...and I can track via amazon affiliate to substantiate.

The transaction happens, it has to, but not directly, and maybe it isn't even in the form of a book sale, it's a new client or a new speaking gig. Without attention, you Have no chance. This move gets you that from your core fans (those who read your blog regularly as I do).

Well played, ol chap

Lynda Tyler-Cagni

I was able to download the kindle version to Europe by using my www.amazon.com address. This account ships to my home address in Switzerland. So maybe this is an easy workaround for people outside the US who would like to take advantage of the free offer.
I think it is a really smart approach and will create a lot of buzz about the book. I had a quick glance already at the book and it looks really interesting.
The focus on the management task of social media empowerment within the enterprise 2.0 is the real challenge that most companies are facing today.

Alvaro Busetti

I was able to download the kindle version to Italy the same way...

Thank you, I've read a few pages and I will suggest the book to colleagues.


How does the free download work for a Mac? Thanks. Pati


When I click on the link, Amazon says:

"Looking for something?
We're sorry. The Web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site."

Does until September 10 mean not ON September 10?

Josh Bernoff

Nicole, I'm looking into the problem. I believe the promotion is over, but the book should still be available on Kindle. My publisher and Amazon need to work this out.

Sam@ home business

I haven't tried downloading this book that I think will really empower me. I just hope it won't give me a hard time getting it.

Since you are giving it up for free I think you just want to help us grow our business and thanks for your kindness. We won't let you down. God bless.

Air Force Ones

Every day is blue day. If you encounter a setback, please look up to the sky, if only the sky is blue, you don't lose the hope.

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