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August 06, 2010

Great new goodies for Empowered readers

by Josh Bernoff

Maybe you've noticed that our Web site has become Empowered. This is in preparation for our book launch on September 14, and it means a lot more than little lightning bolts in the graphic design. We have a few new tools for you to play with now. You can think of this as a tour of the new site (go ahead, poke around) or a bunch of new goodies intended to help out companies and highly empowered and resourceful operatives -- HEROes -- within them.

Some highlights:

  • A new tool to help you evaluate your projects. Eve widget We've taken the effort-value evaluation (EVE) from the book and turned it into a widget. If you're about to start a technology-involved project -- a new community, a Facebook page, a mobile application, or the like -- answer a few questions and we'll tell you just what level of challenge you're in for. The tool emails you the results, so you can forward them to people you're trying to collaborate with or get approval from.
  • Chapter 1 of Empowered for your review. Register with us to get access to Chapter 1 -- including cool stories from Maytag and Best Buy and the main thesis of the book. If you're already registered with Forrester, or if you're a client, you can just log in and download it.
  • Case studies. It's the stories of HEROes that (I think) make Empowered compelling. That's a big part of what people told me they loved about Groundswell, and we've gone deeper here into what it actually takes to be a HERO in a big company. We've listed them to give you a peek into the folks, stories, and companies featured in Empowered.
We'd love your feedback, especially on the EVE Widget.


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