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July 29, 2010

Speeches that will make your people feel empowered

by Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler

Is this you?

You run an annual event for the public, and you want to expose them to new ideas. For example, ways to run a business and empower workers. Or, how technology changes marketing.

Or . . . you've got a good sized company and you want employees to collaborate using technology to generate new ideas or innovate to solve customer problems.

Or . . .you're a technology vendor and you'd like customers and prospects to see how technology empowers people throughout organizations.

If this is you, we want to give a speech to your audience. They'll leave filled with exciting new ideas on how to manage their organization better and on new ways to reach out to customers. And with the publication of Empowered coming up so soon, we're excited to get the ideas out there.

Josh speaks We're excited to be getting these new ideas out through speeches because we've been gestating this thing for a year now and it's time for it to see the light of day. Also, from Groundswell, we found that speeches -- and the audiences reactions to them -- were some of the most fascinating parts of being an author and a spreader of interesting ideas. I (Josh) have now given versions of the Groundswell speech over 100 times.

If you run a public event for marketers, IT professionals, or managers, we can probably find a way to speak to your audience. If you're not running a public event, we're still interested, but those speeches have a fee of course.But either way, we're highly motivated to connect with your audience.

Below are some speech topics (and as you can see, Empowered covers a lot of ground). If you're interested, email Tracy Sullivan at speakersbureau at forrester dotcom.

  • Unleashing innovation from empowered employees.
  • Making social technologies work in the enterprise.
  • The dynamics of peer influence -- who are Mass Influencers and how can you tap into them?
  • How to empower your workforce to solve customer problems
  • The new role of IT in the empowered workforce
  • Innovation and collaboration systems that really work
  • Can a workforce be both empowered and secure?

One more note: if you want to see what's already lined up or where you might meet us, look here.


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Just wanted to say, you guys (and guyettes) rock!

Have a good day!

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