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April 23, 2010

Sign up to be Empowered (or at least learn more about it)

by Josh Bernoff

Empowered cover I'm at Forrester's Marketing Forum 2010 in Los Angeles. We unexpected got several chances to put Empowered content in front of important audiences. Marketing leaders at a lunch meeting were intrigued by the HERO idea -- we're on the right track. And when a keynote spot opened up, Augie Ray and I polished up our Peer Influence Analysis pitch and delivered it to 500 people, who ate it up.

One thing we're learning is that marketing and other customer-facing departments are becoming hotbeds of technology innovation. This scares the heck out of IT. But it scares the heck out of marketing, too.

Because these opportunities were unexpected, our site with the book detail isn't quite up yet. But in the meantime, here's the cover. And if you want to sign up to hear more about the book, click here.


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Levinson Axelrod

Thanks for introducing this book. Definitely see this topic as useful and inspirational.


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