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February 01, 2010

Take our survey, score your HERO project (social media, mobile, or other tech)

by Josh Bernoff

GSH Project Scoring That social media project you are working on. Is it worth it?

The iPhone app -- is it going to pay off, or just drag your job into the toilet?

Our new book Groundswell HEROes is about highly empowered and resourceful operatives (that's you, if you're considering, building, or managing a technology project that touches customers). As we reviewed these projects, we realized that people often have difficulty up front in identifying just what they are about to get themselves into. It's not just the value for customers that's in question, and it's not just the technical effort. It's the political effort -- all the people who have a stake and try to stop you or help you (or "help" you).

We devote a whole chapter to this, and we've also developed a tool for measuring projects. Answer a few questions, and then the tool tells you if the effort is in line with the expected value, and whether you've generated a cute little idea (class 1) or a major "shadow IT" effort (class 4). We call it a value-effort evaluation (VEE score).

The tool is in beta. I'd like your help in testing it. Here's what to do:

  1. Click on the "TRY IT" button below to take the survey and see how your project stacks up. It works for projects you are about to undertake, or ones you are in the middle of, or ones you have completed.
  2. Please take notes while taking the survey, if you see something that seems wrong or missing or confusing.
  3. At the end of the survey, we'll provide you with a screen that shows a little insight into your project and the challenges you will be facing.
  4. Please help make the tool better. There's a little box at the end of the survey, you can include feedback there based on your notes. Or add a comment on this blog. Or email me at jbernoff at forrester dotcom.

I think the tool will be helpful in clarifying the path you are on. I know you can help us make it better. Look for a much nicer version of this once the book is done.

Try it
Note: because the survey tool costs a small but nonzero amount of money per completed survey, we may have to shut this down if more than a thousand people take it. Unlikely but possible. We'll let you know.


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Timothy Jackson

I appreciate your efforts. It is always important to measure the utility of the tool that developer has in mind. This tool will help them to evaluate whether they are going in the right direction.


Nice survey, will try it

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