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December 03, 2009

New Data: Canadians embrace social technology

by Josh Bernoff

Since we published our 2009 Social Technographics Profile update, Canadians have been hounding me. Why did we leave Canada out? Simply because the Canadian data comes from a different survey, which was not completed in time.

Thanks for waiting, Canada.

We just published Nate Elliott's 2009 Social Technographics Profile of Canadian consumers (full text and data available to clients). Here's what we found:

  • With 79% of online Canadians connecting with social content in some way at least once a month, Canadians are among the most active consumers in any country we survey.
  • Well over half of online Canadians connect with social networks.
  • As in other countries, young Canadians use social technology more than older Canadians, but Gen X Canadians are still very active, with 85% using some form of social technology at least monthly.

Based on this level of activity, Canadian companies like the Vancity credit union, TELUS Mobility, and Molson have leveraged social applications from Facebook to YouTube to blogs to connect with consumers. Not to mention the NHL, which has great success with fan tweetups; it isn't a Canadian organization but it might as well be given the enthusiastic response from Canadian tweeters.

Canada Social Techno

As we've seen in other countries with high levels of participation and relatively smaller populations, Canada will continue to be fertile ground for people to connect socially. Already, Canadian social-media agencies like Wunderman's Blast Radius and Currency Marketing are creating impressive applications.

By the way, if you want to see how Canadians stack up with online consumers in other countries, see our Social Technographics Profile Tool.

Note: Nate's own post on this includes some interesting data about Canadians' profiles based on political party.


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Nat Bourre

Great to see Canada included as part of the Social Technographics Profile. Wow - we are a busy bunch on social networks. Thanks for adding Canada - cannot wait to tell my colleagues and clients.

Kyle Bailey

Thanks for making this information about Canadians and Social Marketing available. Definitely going to share this data with all of E-Cubed Media's clients.


Could you please explain a little about the methodology of the survey? Thanks.

Josh Bernoff

Sure, Jesse.

In August and September we conducted an online survey of over 5,800 Canadians. Included in the survey are questions along the lines of "how frequently do you" followed by the behaviors that you see.

What you see in each group is the percentage of online Canadians who said they do at least one of the activities listed, at least monthly.

Erica Mills

As a Camerican (someone born in Canada to American parents), I am always curious to know how Canadians and Americans are similar and different. I wonder this mainly about politics and sports preferences, but this question came to mind when I read your wonderful book, so it's great to see the answer. Thanks!


On a slightly different note: Does your social techno-graphics data have any indicator that could calculate the churn among the creator/critics ? for example can we answer the question : How many bloggers form 08 are not bloging anymore. i.e. they have moved to a different level in the profile.

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