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December 21, 2009

Are you a Groundswell HERO?

Heroes by Randy Son of Robert In two years of research with people in marketing, sales, and other customer-facing parts of companies, here's what I've seen: it takes guts, caginess, political skills, and energy to launch something new. The people who do this are amazing people.

Like Boyd Beasley at Electronic Arts, who built a system so people could contact technical support from within the games his company creates.

Like Barry Paperno from FICO, who figured out how to get people involved in a community around, of all things, credit scores -- solving a regulatory problem and increasing sales at the same time.

Like John Bernier, who made it possible for Best Buy employees to solve customer problem through the Twitter tag #twelpforce.

In researching our new book, we've met a bunch of these folks and realized they are the future. They make change possible. They are Highly Empowered and Resourceful Operatives: HEROes.

Their creativity and perseverance make their success possible. We can all learn from them. And that is why we are making HEROes a central concept in our new book.

And it's not just employee HEROes we are profiling. It's also customer HEROes. Highly empowered and resourceful operatives in the marketplace are the customers who challenge your company. It's our basic premise that it takes an employee HERO to build systems that can deal effectively with customer HEROes.

This idea was so compelling, we've made it our new title.

GROUNDSWELL HEROES: Harnessing the Power Shift in Your Workplace and Marketplace

The content is still the same, but HEROes are the focus. We've interviewed a bunch of them. We'll be sharing their stories with you.

We'd love to hear your story, too.

Photo: Randy Son Of Robert


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"Like John Bernier, who made it possible for Best Buy employees to solve customer problem through the Twitter tag #twelpforce."
So fascinating that people can report their issues and then someone can address it right away because it is public... amazing!

Albert Fang

This is a pretty awesome photo of Wonder Woman. I really loved the series back when I was a child. :)

Ram Kumar Adhikari

Tremendous chemistry.
Love to see more....
Ram Kumar Adhikari

Dana Elliott MD

I read your book months ago. Been following your blog since. Good to hear that you will be enlightening us on what is new in groundswell.

Want to share with you on what our non-profit has done to engage everyday heroes.

In our efforts to verify known and unknown AED locations, we have collaborated with a non-profit The Extraordinaries (www.beextra.org) to get iPhone users to locate AEDs. You can also view some of the AEDs that were located by iPhone users at www.firstaidcorps.org. ( in the 2nd post ).Remember to follow our org "First Aid Corps" in that app to get access to our missions.

With these data, we created an iPhone app to locate AED locations throughout the world. It is called AED Nearby. You can view the screenshots and a video on it at www.firstaidcorps.org. You can download it for free from the app store.

Dana Elliott MD
First Aid Corps


I've tried to do some innovative solutions - but I'm middle management, if the people at the top don't buy in then it never gets off the ground. If they do, they take the credit anyway


Could I be considered a Groundswell hero? I took the concept of ‘United Breaks Guitars’ and applied it to my own Customer Service issues. I uploaded a basement Rap called 'Yo Yo Sears' to YouTube on Feb. 22, 2010 and days later Sears Canada executives called me on Feb. 25, 2010 to resolve my problem. Not only did all this happen in less than 1 week, it only took me 1 week to create the Music and 1 week to make the Video. I am not a professional musician, work fulltime and am a new parent!

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