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October 15, 2009

Groundswell Wins AMA's Berry Prize for Best Marketing Book

Berry Book Prize Winner Just a quick note to thank the American Marketing Association for recognizing Groundswell with its 2009 Berry-AMA book prize for the best book in Marketing.

The association recognized Groundswell with these words:

Groundswell hit a real ‘sweet spot’ with the selection committee. Not only does it deal with crucial, cutting edge set issues of importance to both large and small firms, but it does so in very pragmatic fashion. Li and Bernoff present a very well-integrated framework for dealing with the array of decisions that must be made, and they provide vivid and compelling examples of the various ‘new media’ at work.

I'm truly humbled by this award, especially since it beat out "Predictably Irrational" by Dan Ariely, which is truly a great book. In the year and half since Groundswell was published, I've enjoyed working with lots of marketers -- that's the most rewarding thing.

I feel a debt at this moment to Charlene Li, my coauthor, and to all of you in the groundswell who continue to help me see what matters to marketers. Keep doing great work, and I'll keep writing about it.


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Seth Godin

Mazel tov.

Well deserved guys.

Whitney Johnson


Cory O'Connor

Congratulations, Josh. I'm just now moving into the segment of my class, Internet Communications, that introduces Groundswell into the discussion. I'm looking forward to the student response.

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