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June 11, 2009

"Marketing in the Groundswell" -- a new way to reach marketers

Marketing in the groundswell We created a new spinoff of Groundswell just for marketers. This new edition includes only chapters 5 (Listening), 6 (Talking), and 7 (Energizing) from the original version. There is also a new introduction that talks about how valuable the groundswell is for marketing in a recession.

Groundswell continues to sell really well, often within Amazon's top 500 books, but we wanted to create this new version for a few reasons.

First, to make it cheaper and easier for marketers to get the book. The book lists for only $18, and is available on Amazon for just $12.24.

Second, this new edition is allowing us to get into new distribution channels like some airport displays, and to reach more people that way.

If you've already bought Groundswell or want the full version, don't bother with this. You already have this content. (Unless you have a fetish for green and yellow books, of course.)

However, if you know a marketer with a short attention span -- or maybe a department of a few hundred of them -- this is the quick way to get them up to speed.


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John Dobbin

Actually, there is cable subscriber community(ref pg 77 Groundswell). And a very good one at that. http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/

there you go.

Portland window cleaning

Looks like an awesome book, I'll have to check that out.

For only $12 on amazon it's a steal.

Thanks for the post.

Wool area rugs

I just bought it and is now in chapter 4. Loving it so far. Great book!

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