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May 29, 2009

Polishing up the Groundswell site

I've enjoyed watched so many of you linking to and twittering about our little Groundswell microsite, because it means people are finding the site useful. Now that Groundswell's been out more than a year and has become a business including 18 analysts, we've got new goals for the Web site. The blog you are reading will continue, but we've added some new features to the site for you.

  • There's a Consulting page which has details on how to work with us (speeches, workshops, projects, and data, for example). This also includes the long overdue Team page, so you can see all the analysts who work on Groundswell and our individual specialties. Go team!
  • The Book tab still includes our graphics, videos, audio snippets, and other goodies, including the author bios (which used to be their own tab).
  • The Calendar tab will include Groundswell speeches by the whole team, not just me.
  • The Profile Tool tab includes something new -- a link to our widget with B2B users' Social Technographics Profiles. That new tool is embeddable --  you can put it on your own site. (That functionality is coming to the Consumer profile widget soon, too.)
  • The Discussion Forum is just the same except for one thing  . . . we have a moderator, Zach Hofer-Shall, who is a researcher on our team. Zach's doing two things for us. First, he's clearing out the spam, so if you visited the forum and found it full of spam, we've fixed that. (And spammers, don't bother trying, Zach is vigilant against slime like you.) And second, he'll alert me and other analysts if there are posts there that ought to get a response from us.
  • Finally, the big news -- the Forrester Groundswell Awards are starting up again for 2009. See the next post for details.


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