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May 19, 2009

Meet you (and Tweet you) in Madrid and Rome in June

by Josh Bernoff.

Spanish and italian groundswell Thanks to clients, I will be in Europe the week of June 1. I’ve blocked off some time to meet with you, if you’re interested. We’re also celebrating the publication of the Spanish edition of Groundswell (El Mundo Groundswell) and the Italian edition (L’onda Anomala). I’d like to show my publishers the power of the groundswell in Spain and Italy.

I’m looking for people who can organize Groundswell events in the evening on Tuesday 2 June in Madrid and Friday 5 June in Rome. What kind of event? A speech (if you have a good space) or a Tweetup in a restaurant come to mind. I’d just like to spend time with some Spaniards and Italians who are interested in the power of social technologies – and in connecting with one another.

You can reach me with comments on this post, through Twitter (@jbernoff), or by email (jbernoff at forrester dotcom). I look forward to seeing you in Europe!


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Selva Orejon

Good afternoon, let me introduce myself, I'm Selva Mª Orejón deputy-president of AERCO (Spanish Association for online Community managers). As I know you are coming in early June to Madrid to present your book
and you were asking for meeting with Spanish CM people. It will be a real pleasure to have a talk with you about the issue of communities.
What do you think about scheduling a meeting with AERCO and you?

Bests, Selva Mª


Perhaps I can help you with the Rome event... I will write to you as soon as I can

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