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May 21, 2009

Let's talk about tampons

by Josh Bernoff

Beinggirl podcast If you've been to any of my Groundswell speeches you've heard my riff that begins "Let's talk about tampons." I love this since it's a phrase that gets everyone's attention -- and since it carries a payload. The payload is that as P&G's feminine care products realized -- and you should too -- you should focus on your customers' problems, not on your products.

When I gave this speech at the IAB Marketplace: Social Media Conference on Monday, Ad Age recorded bits of it and made a nice video podcast out of it.

To hear more about beinggirl.com, have a look.


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Gratis Goody

This is a great program put out there by P&G, it shows that even conglomerates' can use social media in an effective and meaningful way. Not only will it promote their business, but indeed it will help millions of girls all over the globe with embarrassing questions. It is easier to write and read answers to intimate questions, it gives the girl a sense of anonymity.

I think it is an innovative way to reach new clients.

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