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April 27, 2009

The future of the Social Web, according to Forrester

by Josh Bernoff

Today we published our report about the future of the Social Web. Jeremiah Owyang did the research here, I was the editor (which means it was my job to make him think harder). As usual, the abstract is free, the report is available to clients. And see Jeremiah's post on the new report.

If you're preparing to participate in the Social Web, you need these ideas your mind. First, that with a common ID developing, the social experience is about to get a lot more frictionless. And second, that not just social networks, but every brand site will become social -- whether you include these features, or visitors bring them along.

So what should you do to prepare? First, get started with you social applications now, or you will be completely overmatched as social technology gets woven into the fabric of the Internet. And beyond that, focus more on finding your fans, since they and their friends and friends of friends will be your most important asset in this new world.

The Five Eras Of The Social Web

Additional Note: Facebook announced today it is further opening up its interface to outside developers. This reinforces the ideas in the report about how the social networks are becoming more deeply embedded into the total Web experience.


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Stuart Foster

Love the analysis. I now have a new shiny graphic to use when illustrating a specific point.

Appreciate you boiling the point down to a sentence Josh...love how you can do that occasionally.


abstract link no longer works...please update, thanks!

(Note from Josh: this has been fixed)

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