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March 25, 2009

Come to Orlando, become a smarter marketer at a big, big discount

by Josh Bernoff

I let Forrester's events team persuade me to use this space to promote our upcoming Marketing Forum in Orlando, April 23 and 24. Why? Because they are offering an incredible deal, people.

I've been to a dozen of these Forrester events and people always leave happy, because of the valuable content and the networking opportunities. The difference is, this year we're putting it on sale. We know your budget is hurting. We listened. And we cut the price.

Here are top five reasons to give this a look:

1. The topic is Using the Down Economy To Catalyze Marketing Change. So you'll leave with great ideas. We know it's a recession, we want you to succeed in it.

Marketing forum speakers 2. See great speakers like Marty St. George, SVP of Marketing for JetBlue, Greg Clayman, EVP of Digital Distribution for MTV, and Annis Lyles, VP of Media and Interactive for Coca-Cola North America. We pick speakers based on their relevance to the times and to marketers, and most of their time on stage is spent answering your questions (and ours). Plus great speeches from the two Forrester speakers, Shar Van Boskirk and Peter Burris.

3. Jeremiah Owyang, me, and most of our marketing analysts will be on-site, and attendees can set up one-on-one time with any of us -- or several of us. You won't find us all at one place anywhere else. I'd like to help you with strategy, but you'll have to come see me.

Disney-ybc 4. It's at the Disney Yacht and Beach Club in Orlando. That's a pretty nice place to getting educated.

5. The events team has cut $300 from the price and is now offering a free hotel night as well. I've never seen Forrester do this before. We want a full house, so you get a much better price.

You know you want to come. I'd love to see you in Orlando.


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Alexis Karlin

Reason #6 - We are hosting an Orlando Tweet Up the night before Marketing Forum kicks off!

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