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February 26, 2009

Tweeting for a good cause -- and a good email

by Josh Bernoff

I've posted the email below for two reasons.

  1. It's seems to be a good cause and it's easy to participate just by tweeting. I am hearing a huge amount of interest from non-profits in social technology (including NPower Seattle, for whom I am giving a speech later today). The social impact category in the Forrester Groundswell awards attracted some very creative applications.
  2. This was a well crafted PR email. Amanda Denning, who sent it, clearly knows who am and speaks directly to me. It's well within the range of my coverage, since it's about Twitter. I'm not crazy about "you may or may not be interested," but together, these two elements got me past the second sentence, where the email was able to actually catch my attention. It's not that Amanda is brilliant or the news is incredible, just that she put a little effort into it and spoke to me personally.
<p><p><p>A Daily Dose of Twitter for a Good Cause</p></p></p>

A daily dose of Twitter for a good cause

Hello Josh.

As an analyst, you may or may not be interested in the recent trend of Tweet-a-thon’s and Twistival’s. After reading your recent post about the PR emails you receive and their relevance, I do hope that even if you don’t follow NCM Fathom, that perhaps you’ll at least find this somewhat interesting. If not, I welcome your feedback as to why. I’ll be looking forward to your follow up survey posting and sharing that with my fellow colleagues:

The social media and philanthropy worlds meet face-to-face for the first-ever sponsored Tweet-a-thon. While the concept of a Tweet-a-thon has been used before to raise awareness about social causes, never before has there been the opportunity to donate money to help a cause simply by donating your tweet. From March 2 - 5, Twitter users who donate their tweet in support of CARE, a global humanitarian organization that aims to fight global poverty and empower marginalized women and girls in the world’s poorest countries, will secure a 10-cent donation from NCM Fathom in support of CARE. The Tweet-a-thon will honor International Women’s Day and spread the word about the acclaimed Stella Sheila C. Johnson documentary A Powerful Noise Live - broadcasted live in 450 movie theatres nationwide on March 5.

This unique collaboration is the chance for the social media community to unite in support of women around the globe, while pushing the boundaries of conventional philanthropy. We hope that you will blog and donate your tweet next week. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Complete details can be viewed at the following link:

Amanda Denning
. . .

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