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February 25, 2009

Hyatt comes through

by Josh Bernoff

I just checked into the brand new Hyatt Olive 8 in Seattle. Huge, spacious, well-appointed rooms, very friendly staff, and when I got to room I was greeted with this.

Hyatt_snack In addition to a nice little snack and a bottle of wine, the blue envelope contains a personal note from Julie Coker, the General Manager of the Hyatt Regency Philadelphia, where as you may remember I experienced the chair that wasn't there.

This deserves special praise. Ms. Coker or someone working for her looked in their reservation system after my little fiasco, found out I was going to be this hotel, and arranged to have me greeted with this little display. Very human, very personal. And while they still haven't commented on my original blog post, this is better, since the endorsement is in my voice.

Thanks, Hyatt, and thanks, Ms. Coker.

P.S. Message to the blogosphere -- if you don't get the service you deserve, blog about it.


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Ronald van den Hoff

I still don't see your call for "if you don't get the service you deserve, blog about it"..to be relevant on this Groundswell site.
There are many (review) sites around and most of them work well. Don't you have more significant information to share with us, being a leading Forrestier voice?


Nice to see you write about a "above and beyond" service experience. We must not forget the diligence it takes to create and re-create wonderful experiences. We should reward good companies, as much as we punish the bad. Hopefully that will give more incentive to treat customers well.


Hyatt came through. But is that because you are a top blogger with a voice that carries to thousands of people or because Hyatt is actually concerned with being human and treating their customers in a human fashion? It's great that they came through for you, but not necessarily a vote of confidence that they would do the same for the humans who don't write a blog that can potentially persuade the opinion of thousands.

Josh Bernoff

I think the fact that I have a blog pushed them over the edge -- not that it has so many readers. I don't believe Hyatt is making that distinction.

To Jenny, Allan, and Ronald: what I'm suggesting is that people who complain online -- whether it's on a review site, their blog, Twitter, or a social network -- will get rewarded. Threaten to publish your disappointment, then see what happens. You can't lose, and I believe you will win.

David Berkowitz

I still doubt I'll be welcomed back at the Luxor ( http://www.slideshare.net/davidberkowitz/20-reasons-the-luxor-sucks ). But yes, well done Hyatt.

Josh Bernoff

Josh again . . . just noticed the little note I got is on stationery by "Gartner Studios". Nice touch!

Ed Graczyk

I agree it's nice to see someone write about a positive experience. Well done Josh.

I just hope this kind of improved service from hotels and other industries continues when times are better. Companies are clearly hurting, travel especially, and they’re smart to do things like this now. They’d be even smarter if that happened regardless of economy (or the tweeting, if that played a role). It reminds me of United Air. For years I flew them very loyally. Never quite made 1K but was always well into the Premier Exec category. Other than early boarding and the very rare free upgrade, they treated me (and everyone else) like $&!%. Then I stopped flying and cancelled my UAL Visa. And boy did they suddenly become nice with all kinds of offers to come back. I got so fed up I wrote a letter to their head of marketing telling him if he treated me half as well when I was a loyal customer as were after I left, maybe they wouldn’t be suffering so much. Of course I never received any reply.

Pat Rundall

It would be interesting to know what role the economy played in this. Are companies suddenly recalling those customers who were burned during the good times and trying to win them back now that each customer really counts?

Erica Kuhl

I think this economic downturn may actually working for putting the customer first again!


Customer service is back, I guess. If complaining is the only way to get customer servie in high gear, then at least their willing to try.

"Service before and after satisfaction"

~Ditley SEO Company


@jenny - i agree. being a top blogger does help your cause. if they did this for everyone, that would be a great exercise in customer service. it would generate positive WOM to their friends and also in the blogosphere. the fact is, if you have a positive experience you might tell a few people. but have a negative experience, and you are going to complain to at least 10 people.

oh to be an influential blogger........

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