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January 29, 2009

Join me in person February 18 and build your groundswell strategy

by Josh Bernoff

Interactive_marketing_professional Briefly: if you're on the verge of developing a social technology strategy, or just want to know more about how to do it, we can help. We're holding a full-day workshop here at Forrester's Cambridge (Boston Area) offices on February 18. It's called "Marketing With The Groundswell In Tough Economic Times" and will include our latest cases studies and new (Q4 2008) data about marketers' investments in social technologies in a recession.

This is similar to the workshop I've done for companies including Wal-Mart, Charles Schwab, Rogers, and about a dozen others, but updated and revised. We use the POST method (People, Objectives, Strategy, Technology) to help you structure your thinking.

Top five reasons to come to Cambridge:

5. Get a full day immersed in social technology strategy insights, case studies, and examples, and work on your own strategy with help from analysts and fellow marketers.

4. Interact with 10 or 15 other marketers who are working on the same issues. (Our clients are, as they say in Boston, wicked smaht.)

3. Get a free signed copy of Groundswell or the Groundswell audiobook -- your choice. (I know you probably already have one, but you can give this to your boss or client with a personal note from me!)

2. Meet Sean Corcoran, our newest social technology analyst, who will be sharing insights from his agency work with Carat.

1. All that stuff you heard about how cold it is here in Boston -- don't believe it! It's cozy to bundle up, and seeing all those Harvard and MIT students walking around will make you feel warmer, or at least younger.

I know travel budgets are tight but at $2,500 this is way cheaper than having me come to your company for the day. See the agenda and sign up or email our events team. I can't wait to work with you.


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Oliver Young

Josh, I'm confused. Do we get to meet you, or the woman at the top of your post? You haven't gone in for any major surgeries recently, have you?

Josh Bernoff

Thanks for your vacuous comment, Oliver. For those whom Oliver is trying to confuse, the woman is of course our "Persona" for the interactive marketer. Your appearance may vary . . .

. . . and I don't look anything like her.

Peter Kim

I was thinking the same thing as Oliver. Did you fire Devon? Times are tough when even personas are losing their jobs.


When are you guys going to make it back out to the Left Coast? We need advice too!

Thanks & keep up the good work.

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