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January 15, 2009

A Groundswell Friendfeed experiment

by Josh Bernoff

Friendfeed_logo I don't use Friendfeed much, but I've been watching something very interesting happen around Groundswell there.

Chris Herbert, an independent B2B marketing specialist in Ontario, has created a Friendfeed room all about Groundswell. You may know that we collected the links in Groundswell together in a spot on the Groundswell site. But Chris has gone further, and generated a room full of updated feeds from Charlene and me, graphics and videos he's found about the examples in the book, and further discussion. He calls it a "Blook Report" which is either brilliant or wacky or both, I don't know.

He's up to Chapter 3 so far. Reviewing it is like watching the movie of the book you've read -- sorta familiar, but with new stuff, too.

The one thing missing is people. So take a click over there and add some comments. So I can experience what it would be like if Groundswell were the Talmud with all the commentaries.


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Roland Smart


This is really cool, thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing you in San Francisco at the SFAMA event at Adaptive Path on the 22nd.


Josh Bernoff

Roland -- this isn't Charlene's blog any more. She's at altimetergroup.com

Chris Herbert


Thanks for posting this but more importantly for being involved in this FriendFeed experiment. It's pretty cool to see an author posting comments in the FriendFeed room. It adds something to the overall reading experience.

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