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December 02, 2008

Are you good enough to be our next social media analyst?

by Josh Bernoff

Forrester_logo_leaders Amid all the news of economic disaster, we are still looking to hire a talented social media analyst. Why? Because even amid the downturn -- perhaps even more since the downturn -- our corporate clients want and need our help. I have been all over this country, Canada, and Europe, and found clients hungry to learn more about how to use social technologies. Groundswell is the name they recognize.

We have a great team here, including Jeremiah Owyang in California; our European analysts including Mary-Beth Kemp, Jaap Favier, and Rebecca Jennings; and our new Jupiter colleagues including Emily Riley and Nate Elliott. And we have hired one analyst, a former advertising staffer, who will start soon. But we still need more help in the US.

We are very selective, which is why we are still looking. We have gotten plenty of good resumes, but we are looking for someone special. You have to be very good to work here. But if you want to make an impact on what real companies do, and get people talking about your market-leading thinking, this is the place to do it.

Here's how to tell if you should apply for this job:

  • You are obsessed with the idea of figuring out what's next in the social application world. You are a very curious person. Your favorite word is "Why."
  • The idea of helping interactive marketers figure this stuff out excites you. You want to find real-world applications with proof that they work, not just participate in academic discussions.
  • You have already developed and delivered some good ideas on the topic of social media. You're probably working for an agency, a tech vendor, or within a company using these techniques, or else you're a successful consultant on social media.
  • You'd like the freedom to analyze things independently of what's good for any individual company in the space.
  • You are highly skeptical of claims made by companies in this space. You take very little on face value.
  • You are probably blogging and/or twittering about your thoughts in this space already. When I read your best blog posts I will say "Hmmm, that's a new idea."
  • You like numbers and data, because they help to reveal the truth.
  • You are equally good -- and happy -- speaking in front of groups of a couple of hundred, or fifteen, or just sitting down for a discussion with one or two people.
  • You like writing. Your writing is clear and definitive.
  • After you read Groundswell, you said "That's interesting and helfpul, but there's a lot more to say on this topic that they haven't covered." (Having read Groundswell is not a requirement for this job, of course.)
  • You are willing to get on airplanes several times a month if there is a client who needs your help on the other end.
  • You live in Boston or the San Francisco Bay Area. Or if you don't, you're ready to move there.

Come on, people. I know you are out there. I am hoping that now is the time you are thinking "I need a new job." We'd like to hear from you.

Click here to see the job description and here to apply. Please mention that you saw this blog post.


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Woot! I'm glad to see that you are looking for another position. I love this stuff and I love reading your thoughts and ideas.

Simone Brunozzi

Applying with a link?
Twitter, or nothing!!! :)

Adam Kmiec

SIGH...you used the "M.B.A. or M.S. preferred." language. c'mon you guys are better than that. either you want an MBA or you don't. It kills me when companies play the preferred language. It's either a requirement or not, no?

Good luck.

Nick Stamoulis

I don't want to say online marketing is recession proof because nothing is really recession proof but its clear that a need for online marketing is still here.

Paul Chaney

Oh, how I wish I had the moxie for it.

Greg Wallace

Hi Josh,

I actually applied for this posiiton yesterday.

If you would indulge me to check out 7 slides I have on my blog about communities of interest, I think they're a good representation of my thinking.




Hi Josh,

I used to consult with you regularly when I was at MSFT and you covered WebTV. You were the best!

I follow your blog and I've read your book; I follow you on Twitter, too.

Of late, I've been doing intelligence work in the healthcare industry & pushing social media (to a risk-averse audience that's very low-tech, might I add -- its been more than a little frustrating); I LOVE the whole web 2.0 space and would welcome focusing on it full-time.

I would really like to speak with you, if at all possible, about the current opportunity at Forrester, and get more information before applying.

I supplied my LinkedIn URL in the web form; my Twitter is gspadoni.

I have an M.S. in Library & Information Science and a B.A. in Journalism. I love to write, but more than anything -- I love to THINK, recommend and communicate insights through whatever medium or podium I can find.

Quite honestly, of all the analysts at all the research firms I've dealt with over the years -- you were always one of my very favorites -- and your name has always stuck in my memory. I have many first names or last names of several favorite analysts stuck in my head, but your first-and-last has always been top-of-mind for me. I'm honestly not kissing your patootie -- that's the truth. All this said, I'm hoping my honest flattery might earn me a convo with you.


Best regards,


I don't feel comfortable posting my phone number here, but if you look me up I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

Tim Holt

I think you should also be looking to see if education can be rolled into the larger conversation here. Education, especially K12,for the most part, has completely ignored social networking.

El Paso

Davina Myers

Still looking? The job description link says the requisition does not exist.

I just spent my vacation reading Groundswell and couldn't be more enthused about it. I've been working in the business intelligence area for several years, and it's the same trick there as with social technologies. It's not about the technology! Coming up with good solid business logic and business processes to use the technology will determine whether companies succeed or fail. Thanks for reiterating that point.

Josh Bernoff

This opening is on hold for now . . . but that might change. We are still seeing strong demand.



Even though the req is temporarily frozen, is there a way to still submit to / apply for this position? Following the links doesn't provide the facility to do so.

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