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November 09, 2008

A few nice links

by Josh Bernoff

Marcel_proust_2 For my fans (yes, both of you):

My answers to Proust's Questionnaire, Hubspot version. (That's Marcel at left; he was the first one to answer the questionnaire, not the guy who created it.) This is my favorite part.

Person That Inspires You?

My father - who showed how to balance pride in your work with honesty and love. Bill Bluestein, the quintessential technology analyst, to whom Groundswell is dedicated. Isaac Asimov, who never stopped writing about everything. Regrettably, of these three, only my father survives.

Groundswell was chosen as one of Amazon's top 10 business books of the year. When you consider all the other great business books that came out this year, this is a nice honor. Hopefully we can get onto a lot of other year-end lists.

A couple of podcasts from Lois Paul & Partners' Beyond The Hype Blog. Here's an excerpt in which I speak about the political candidates' use of social technologies and my favorite things to blend.

My post about Barack Obama tapping the groundswell appeared in the Boston Globe.

Along these lines, if you're coming to the SNCR Awards ceremony, I promise to make things interesting.


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C.B. Whittemore

Josh, congratulations! How very exciting and also appropriate.

I love the picture of Marcel.

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