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October 06, 2008

Top 4 reasons to come to Forrester's Consumer Forum, Dallas, October 28 and 29

by Josh Bernoff

  1. Something incredible always happens. Last year I flipped Harley Manning on his back to prove a point about social media.
  2. Top quality content plus a great venue (the Gaylord Texan) means you'll remember this event long after the wine, beer, and food is consumed.
  3. Find out who won the Forrester Groundswell awards. The level of entries this year is amazing, and the winners will be, too.
  4. Have you seen the speaker lineup?

David Armano, Critical Mass
Robin Beers, Wells Fargo & Company
Larry Cost, AT&T
Debra Coughlin, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Citi Brands
Dave Finnegan, Chief Information Bear, Build-A-Bear
Daniel P. Garton, Executive Vice President, Marketing, AMR Corp. and American Airlines
Seth Greenberg, Director, Online Advertising & Internet Media, Intuit
James W. Keyes, Chairman & CEO, Blockbuster
Helmut Kirchner, Cybertec
Meredith Lind, Momentum Market Intelligence
Patricia Seybold, Author, Outside Innovation, Customer Revolution, and Customers.com, Patricia Seybold Group.
Tim Suther, Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing Services, Acxiom
Paco Underhill, Founder and Managing Director, Envirosell
Vivi Zigler, President, NBC Universal Digital Entertainment, NBC Universal

Plus, from Forrester:

Lisa Bradner, Cindy Commander, Michelle de Lussanet, Moira Dorsey, Carlton A. Doty, Dave Frankland, Charles S. Golvin, J.P. Gownder, Paul Jackson, Carrie Johnson, James L. McQuivey, Sucharita Mulpuru, Sarah Rotman Epps, Jackie Rousseau-Anderson, Adele Sage, Suresh Vittal, and me.

If you're attending, you could sign up on our Facebook Event page, or Follow us on Twitter.

See you there.

Groundswell_tie P.S. the Green Bowtie will make another appearance.





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That's quite an impressive list of speakers there! Hope you have a good conference!

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