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October 07, 2008

The power of cheesy video

by Josh Bernoff

Groundswell (pp. 103-104) discusses the power of viral video using the example of Tibco's Greg the Architect, a series of videos about (of all things) SOA solutions, a service used by IT departments.

When I wrote that, I ran it by Dan Ziman, the marketing guy behind the videos, to fact check it. He asked us to change our description of his technique, "cheesy video" to "entertaining video." Sorry, Dan, that's not a fact, that's an opinion, so cheesy it was in the book.

Luckily Dan the folks at Tibco are good sports. Greg has morphed from a video series into a comic strip in Information Week, and Dan Scott Fingerhut from Tibco sent along this sample. Touche.



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