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October 29, 2008

Finalists for the Forrester Groundswell Awards

by Josh Bernoff

The quality of this year’s Groundswell Awards entrants was very high – we were very impressed. Many of these entries deserved to win and would have won last year, but this year the competition was much tougher. To recognize these excellent entries, we’ve listed Finalists in this post. Winners are shown in green.


  • ABC Studios Community for "Lost” Emmy Nomination by Passenger
  • ACT! Online Community by Sage Software
  • Mattel's “The Playground” Community by Communispace
  • MY M&M'S Mbassador Community by Satmetrix


  • Acuvue Wink Facebook Application (Australia)
  • American Express OPEN Forum by Digitas and LiveWorld
  • “Colonel Tribune” by Tribune Interactive
  • Cubby Bernstein, “Xanadu” Tony Campaign Manager by Undercurrent
  • iGotShotgun by General Motors
  • Intel Tudou 07 User Generated Advertising (China)
  • Travel Channel's Kidnap Facebook App by Rapp
  • Young & Free Alberta by Common Wealth Credit Union


  • ABC Lost Theories by Mzinga
  • “Do You Deliver” by OPI and SheSpeaks
  • EA Skate Reel by Blast Radius
  • Hershey’s Bliss House Party by House Party
  • Oracle “The Customer Collective” by Oracle Passenger
  • Next Gretsch Greats by Jackson Spalding
  • (Re-) Meet Martha Stewart by Reprise Media


  • allicircles by imc2
  • Dell Community Forums
  • Fitness Magazine “You Can Do It” Site
  • Hubspot Customer Forums
  • Men’s Health “Belly Off! Club” by Neighborhood America
  • Nerd Network by National Instruments
  • Open Port Community by Intel
  • Recommendations on The Knot by Baynote
  • Reebok Run Easy by Molecular


  • In The Motherhood, sponsored by Sprint and Suave, by Mindshare and LiveWorld
  • JC Penney “Ambrielle Team” Community by Passenger
  • Mountain Dew’s DEWmocracy by WhittmanHart Interactive
  • MyStarbucksIdea.com by Starbucks
  • MTV.I.P.s Community by Communispace
  • Swarovski Enlightened Watch Design Community by HYVE AG (Austria)


  • Borderless Workplace by Accenture
  • cubeless by Sabre Holdings
  • Greater IBM by IBM
  • “Limo” Social Network by Universal McCann
  • ORT Argentina Digital School Project (Argentina)

Social Impact

  • Artshare, Click Exhibition, and Posse by Brooklyn Museum
  • AstraZeneca Breast Cancer Celebration Chain by Digitas Health
  • Fanista “Burma: It Can’t Wait” by Digital Influence Group
  • Knowmore.org Corporation-Watch Search Engine
  • su2c.org Cancer Awareness by WhittmanHart Interactive

Company Transformation

  • Intuit


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C.B. Whittemore

Josh, it's an impressive list. Wow! What great examples to learn from.


Do we know if Starbucks has implemented any of their thousands of suggestions? That company's stock has taken a huge hit and I think it's time for them to go back to basics and listen to its customer base.

Josh Bernoff

Allan, Starbucks tells me they have implemented over 30 of the suggestions.

Christine Morrison

Hi Josh,
Christine from TurboTax here. I don't see the Intuit Company Transformation award listed here. Will we be included in this post?

Josh Bernoff

Sorry Christine! I fixed it.

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