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October 19, 2008

Feed me

by Josh Bernoff

Since we changed the URL for Groundswell, the traffic has remained about the same. But since we changed the feed ID, subscribers are down.

I'll make you a deal. I promise this week you'll see at least two really interesting posts, one on Monday, and one as soon as the company I worked with verifies the facts. All I want from you is to put the feed in your RSS reader.

Just click on the icon in our blog or right here. Thanks.


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Tim Hawkes

this doesn't appear to work with my yahoo, accepts the feed but shows content from a year ago

Little Richardjohn

I was fascinated by your piece on Will Ad-Skipping Kill Television?

I hope some of the quotes in the link will support your argument. It was published in the British journal Tribune in december 1999.

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