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September 02, 2008

Forrester Groundswell Awards update (and thanks for your patience)

by Josh Bernoff

We now have 16 submissions for the Forrester Groundswell awards, with several more coming in every day. As the September 9 deadline approaches (just one week from now!) we expect dozens more to come in, based on last year.

Rubbermaid_2 What we already have are some pretty interesting applications. Rubbermaid is featuring its "Adventures in Organization" blog (plus Flickr, plus other stuff) -- a site I can only admire from afar, since organization is not my strongest suit. Also in the talking category are Acuvue Wink, a Facebook application from Australia, and Johnson & Johnson's Health Channel on YouTube.

Communitylend The most challenging category, Embracing (companies collaborating with their customers), has already attracted three entries including CommunityLend, an application that hopes to restructure the Canadian lending market.

We have five Social Impact submissions (doing well by doing good is popular) including the Mistake Bank, a community library of stuff people learned from screwing up, and ORT Argentina's Digital School Project, which was a finalist last year.

Mistake_bank Please look at these entries and if any interest you, take a moment to review them. If you encountered a bug or broken link while trying to rate entries, please try again -- we've attempted to fix these problems and the ratings should be working correctly now. It may take a few hours for your review to appear. Anyone continuing to have problems, please email Tracy Sullivan (tsullivan [at] Forrester dotcom) and she'll help you out and get the bugs fixed.

Some of last year's most interesting entries were in the Listening, Supporting, and Managing categories, but so far we have no entries in those categories this year. If you're considering entering, realize that in these categories you will have no competition (so far).

We'll continue accepting reviews even after the September 9 deadline. What's the over-under on the number of entries? Last year it was 78. . .


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