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September 12, 2008

140+ enter the Forrester Groundswell Awards – see them all for yourself

by Josh Bernoff

I’m actually vacationing in an undisclosed location right now – all right, it’s Northern Italy – so I’ll keep this short (Internet access here is really slow).

We’ve gotten an incredible response to the Forrester Groundswell Awards. The final tally is 149 151 entries, about twice what we got last year. Half of these came in during the last couple of days of the entry period, which ended September 9.

While the entry period is over, you can still add your own ratings and reviews for the next several weeks, or at least see all the applications even if you don’t want to comment. Click here to see all the entries.

As with last year, the Talking category attracted the most entries, with 34. We were also amazed by the very high participation by entrants in the Social Impact category – clearly non-profit and pro-social organizations and individuals have begun to realize the amazing power of the groundswell.

Here’s how the entries break down:

Talking 23%
Energizing 18%
Supporting 18%
Embracing 13%
Social Impact 11%
Listening 10%
Managing 7%

Our Web team has been working overtime getting all the entries posted, so if yours took a little while to show up, we apologize for the delay. All the entries should be up soon.

We’ve begun to evaluate the flood of entries and we’ll be announcing the winners at Forrester’s Consumer Forum in Dallas, October 28 and 29. We look forward to seeing you there.


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Ryan Graves

Can you get in touch with me (post vacation) about the analyst position at Forrester? I'd really like to learn more, especially since you are in Northern Italy. Haha.

I think that this type of position would suite my desires well. WE'll see.

Nick Stamoulis

This is some great stuff! Looking forward to see who wins :)

Christine Morrison

I suggest that the reviews written for the nominees should come from members of the actual communities, not from agencies or employees. We've started the trend by asking our members to post reviews on our TurboTax nominees (Live Community and Inner Circle) to give an authentic review of what it's really like to be a member. If businesses have really started a groundswell, getting passionate member involvement should be the natural first place to look for feedback.


Fantastic! I am fascinated by the breakdown in categories. While I won't be there in Dallas I'll be anxiously refreshing my browser to see who the winner are...

Doug Brockbank

Your readers may be interested in these other books about the power of Consumer Communities, Knowledge Management, Enterprise Feedback Management, Engagement, etc.

"Wisdom of Crowds" by James Surowiecki

"Outside Innovation" by Patricia Seybold

"Tuned In" by Stull, Myers, Scott

"Wikinomics" by Tapscott, Williams

...and of course Groundswell!

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