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August 18, 2008

Rate the social applications submitted for the Forrester Groundswell Awards

by Josh Bernoff

As promised, the Forrester Groundswell Awards entries are now available for you all to see, and rate. Thanks to Bazaarvoice for helping us to get this working.

There are six entries so far, with more coming in every day. Current entries are in the Talking, Energizing, Embracing, and Social Impact categories.

To add your star rating and review, click on the Awards tab and then the side navigation bar by category. Each entry has a "Be the first to review" link.

I encourage everybody to add their own ratings and reviews. Some suggestions:

  • Please click through on the URLs and take a close look at the actual applications before submitting your rating and review.
  • Remember that high ratings should reflect applications that accomplish business goals, not just those that seem cool. Some of last year's winners were pretty basic in their use of technology, but had delivered spectacular business results.

Check back regularly, more applications are coming in weekly.

Update (20 August): Reviews are starting to appear. Due to limitations of our reviewing system they don't go up immediately, but you'll be seeing more soon. Thanks for your patience.


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Hey Josh - the "be the first to review" links aren't working on the site. What's up?

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