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August 06, 2008

Now accepting submissions for the Forrester Groundswell Awards

by Josh Bernoff

Starting now you're free to submit an entry for the Forrester Groundswell Awards. The submission form is at http://www.forrester.com/Groundswell/awards.html.

We strongly recommend that you read the Forrester Groundswell Awards Rules before submitting your entry. You can submit each entry only once, and once submitted, you cannot modify it.

A few key facts to remember.

  • Be smart. Read the rules first.
  • The entry deadline is September 9, 2008. But if you submit earlier, people will have more time to review and vote on your work.
  • On your own site or elsewhere on the Web, create a “My Forrester Groundswell awards submission” page or document describing your application. Also include a single graphic or screenshot that represents the application.
  • Only submit your own work. Agencies and vendors can submit work they do for clients, provided they have obtained permission from the client.
  •  Anything in these submissions becomes on the record. We will publish these submissions so people can vote on them.

Starting around August 19, we'll be publishing the work you submit here in the awards section of the Groundswell site, and people will be able to add comments and vote (ratings and reviews courtesy of Bazaarvoice). That should be interesting!


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