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July 31, 2008

Forrester buys JupiterResearch

by Josh Bernoff and Cliff Condon

If there is one other research company that we've continued to encounter, respect, and see as real competition in the interactive media space, it is JupiterResearch. While the company ownership has changed hands several times over the years, the analysts have continued to do great work.

That's why we're very pleased that Forrester Research today announced it is acquiring JupiterResearch.

This blog post is not about the financial or management aspects of the deal -- see the press release for that. It's about what this will do for our research and analysis.

JupiterResearch has 43 research staff who will now become part of Forrester. These are some of the most prominent and prolific voices in the analysis of social media and technology's effects on consumers. Not only do they publish great analysis, they're also extremely active bloggers and Twitterers.

Adding these people will increase Forrester's research staff in the Marketing and Strategy area (one our three main areas of focus, along with IT and Technology Industry) by 58%. Our biggest problem these days is keeping up with demand from clients. That's why we're hiring (those hires are still happening). And now we are adding a whole lot of talent at once.

Acquisitions can be challenging to manage, but having lived through Forrester's acquisition of Giga, we can tell you that acquisitions add a dimension by bringing in a lot of innovative new ideas. We know that will happen here. Having seen JupiterResearch's analysis over the years, we believe these people and Forrester will be able to move forward together in a very powerful way.

For our clients, we can tell you that you stand to gain here. One this gets going we are likely to be producing more research and developing more areas of expertise for all the marketing and strategy roles that we serve.  You will have new faces and new knowledge to tap.

If you are a JupiterResearch client, welcome to the fold. You'll be hearing from us about what's coming for you, but we know the Forrester team will make sure you get not just what you were expecting from JupiterResearch, but more.

Exciting times ahead!


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Justin Kistner

Wow! This is a huge acquisition for you at Forrester. Congratulations on adding such a significant intelligence resource.


I wonder how many people even knew that JupiterResearch ownership had changed previously. The look and feel of the brand remained similar enough that I think the average observer may not have even realized the company ever split off of JupiterMedia.

Carter Lusher

Congratulations! Forrester buying Jupiter is a smart move for a number of reasons (e.g., getting smart analysts with reputations, adding sales reps with rolodexes, and adding clients to cross-sell). This can be real win-win-win-win event for all stakeholders (e.g., clients, employees, shareholders and vendors) as well as a boost for competition in the market.

As you mentioned the hard part is the integration of the two companies. I went through a lot of acquisitions at Gartner and observed a lot more as an observer of the analysts and everyone was tough. I wish you the best of luck that this integration is successful.

For a few more observations, please check out:



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