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June 25, 2008

Forrester Research is hiring -- become an analyst or researcher on our global social applications team

by Josh Bernoff


If you see how fast corporate investments in social technology are growing, it won't surprise you to learn that Forrester is hiring. We're expanding our team in the wake of all the interest stirred up by Groundswell.

We're hiring for the positions of senior analyst and researcher. These are plum jobs, because they will put you right in the center of transformation that's happening as companies begin to embrace social applications.

I've been an analyst for 13 years and it's the most fun I've ever had  in a job. You'll spend your time speaking with people in companies who are actually implementing social applications, gathering information about what works, what doesn't, and where the industry is going. This, combined with our extensive consumer research data, forms the basis of our research content. You write documents on topics of interest to clients or work with clients on how to build these applications.

In the analyst job, we're looking for people with real experience building these social applications for businesses, either at a company, in an agency, or in a technology vendor.

The researcher job is a little different, since it focuses directly on the data collection. The researchers help write and analyze the results of the surveys we use and help write research documents driven off the data. That's why the researcher job requires a strong statistical backgrounds with survey experience.

Our current analysts on this team are working in Cambridge, Massachusetts; Foster City, California; New York; London, Paris, Amsterdam, Sydney. You could work with us in any of these places, or elsewhere. For this position, due to the need to collaborate freely, we're most inclined to hire analysts who can work in Cambridge or Foster City.

Forrester is an extremely collegial place, with analysts around the world collaborating freely with each other. We keep driving forward into new areas of knowledge. Working here is a blast.

Here's how to apply. Click to see the description for the senior analyst job or the researcher job. Then click "apply online." I hope I get to work with you!


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Social Marketing JOurnal

Congratulations on your recent success and employee expansion! This is great news!

Jeremiah Owyang

I'm really looking forward to having some talented, smart, and passionate colleagues join our team.

Annie Binns

I'm really looking forward to being one of those talented, smart and passionate colleagues! I used Forrester in my previous position at a "major cable television provider" but hadn't considered joining the team until Jeremiah put the link on Twitter. This sounds like fun!


In the spirit of social media innovation, wouldn't it make more sense to contact the people that leave comments on a blog entry like this instead of pointing people to an unsocial and untransparent applicant tracking system?

Jeremiah Owyang


Eh? How would that work? If we exposed people were looking for jobs, how would they explain that to their current employers?

Phil Dearson

Shame it's based in America.

David H. Deans

Josh, I just received my review copy from Harvard Business. Thank you.

I'll gladly continue to comment and contribute to your blog posts.

Regarding people who may be interested in working at Forrester, as a customer I highly recommend your company -- without reservation.

Most of the other major market research firms do not have the creative and informed perspective that you offer.

IMHO, if you want to work with the recognized social media application thought-leaders, then Forrester is the place for you.

David H. Deans
GeoActive Group USA



who says that most qualified candidates would even have current employers! Maybe they just exited company via sale last week, are a thought leader writing on the topic regularly as an independent consultant or something like that.

Do you want passion or conformity?

Josh Bernoff

@David, just got back from vacation, thanks for your notes.

Anyone who wants to apply by commenting on this blog, feel free.

If you're not ready to declare your plans to the world, click on the links above and submit through Forrester's traditional process.

This is not open source hiring. We will be screening the candidates in the usual way and making our own choices. Based on the candidates we're already hearing from I expect we will be able to hire someone great. Especially if good people read David Deans' comment above!

Lindsey Reiser

I'm glad to hear you guys are expanding too, we always use Forrester research for our client presentations. The information is always so relevant and reflects the most modern trends.

Paul Coyne

Well, this is pretty novel - responding to an opening via blog in open forum. I use Forrester reports in my own R&D briefings to my clients and board and have passed my copy of Groundswell around to a few colleagues aleady, and if I thought for a second you'd hire a guy from the UK I throw my hat in the ring (I'm in Boston next week BTW - nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

I wish you well in your search.

I'll be looking forward to some analysis surrounding use of social media and the promotion/dissemination of scholarly research - a global market undergoing some really intersting/exciting/scary change right now e.g the Google Knols announcement from earlier today.


Does Forrester Research have any Analyst or Researcher vacancies in Tokyo? And how to apply?


John Cass

Hi Jordan-San, thanks for your question and interest in Forrester Research. I checked with Strategic Growth, Forrester's recruiting team, and currently we don't have any forthcoming Tokyo Research needs. Things may change however, so I encourage you to monitor Forrester's careers page. (www.forrester.com/careers).

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