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May 21, 2008

Free Groundswell books for blog reviewers

By Charlene Li

Thanks to the generosity of our publisher, Harvard Business Press, we have 100 copies of “Groundswell” to give away to the first 100 bloggers who respond, first come first served. It doesn’t matter what kind of blog you write – if you think your audience would be interested in a review, we’d like to send you a copy. In the end, it’s up to you to decide if you’d like to write a review – no strings attached.

To get a copy, send an email to  [address removed as all copies are gone] with the subject line “Blog review copy”. In the message text, include your blog’s URL, your name and snail mail address.

And if you’re a member of the “regular” press and interested in getting a review copy, we have a different set of books reserved for you – please send an email to jsymons@forrester.com with the subject line “Press review copy”, the name of your publication, your name, and mailing address.

You’ll get a confirmation email that you’ll be receiving a free copy, and you’ll soon have Groundswell in your hands!

Update: And if after you've read the book and you're interested in an interview (phone, email, IM), I'm happy to do one with you. Ditto for podcasts and videos. Thanks to comment from Andrea for the suggestion/reminder!


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Skip Lineberg

I'm a big fan of your work, and I am an impassioned advocate and practitioner of Web 2.0 and groundswell marketing. I'll be snding an email to J.Symons with a request for a free copy of the book, in return for a review on our blog "Marketing Genius from Maple Creative." It would be wonderful if you would autograph it!

Best regards,

Andy McMorrow

Hi, Charlene,

I, too, am a big fan.

I've been talking Groundswell up around our financial services organization as well. A lot of energy around segmentation; your work is going to be critical to helping us connect with our targets in the right manner.


Andrea Hill

Great idea -- I know your book is already gathering plenty of buzz, and your webinars and posts have helped with that. Having some more blog reviewers should further help anchor some of the discussion. Rohit Bhargava did some good work in releasing a preview chapter of his book and holding exclusive interviews with bloggers. I look forward to seeing some of the reviews (if I don't have the opportunity to write one myself!)

Charlene Li

Skip: I'm glad you'll do a review, and thanks for being a fan. Logistically, it's going to be hard to get you a signed copy, as I'm in San Francisco, and the books are in Boston! But if we ever meet up, I'm happy to do the honors.

Charlene Li

Andy: Glad you're finding Groundswell helpful with your clients!

Andrea: Rohit has done a fantastic job. There is an excerpt of the book on the microsite at http://tinyurl.com/5bk24e.

Also, I'm happy to do an interview with bloggers -- thanks the nudge as I'll add it to the post.


This is great! I'm a huge fan and can't wait for people to understand and use the Groundswell in my country.

Gisele Honscha

I sent the question on email, but I'll ask it here anyway: is it possible to send it to bloggers outside USA?

Alex Mitchell

This was a link directed to me through twitter and I couldn't very well pass up the opportunity of a free groundswell!

Keep up the great work and hope I'm in the top 100 =] Thank you!

Alex / ZEN

Byron Van Arsdale

What an amazing idea! Thanks to you and Josh for clearing the confusion and giving us better questions to consider along the path. Big fan!

Would love to do an interview with you around how Groundswell is impacting the way people lead and communicate via conference call and webinar.

Rolling Talks

Hello Charlene! I met Josh and Mary Beth Kemp in Forrester Conference in Barcelona last October. Since then trying to apply POST approach with my clients. Pity we dont have numbers for Belgium. I bought the e-book right after the webseminar 2 weeks ago. Currently listening to Josh :-)
Would love to interview you once I'm done listening. Is this feasible? Cheers and thank you for the inspiration.

Charlene Li

Gisele: We will certainly send books overseas. It will just take a little longer to get to you.

Byron & Rolling Talks: Happy to do interviews! Best is to email me at cli@forrester.com to set up a time.


I see the mail address has been removed from the posting. I send a mail yesterday, but haven't received a confirmation yet.

Was my mail to late or haven't the confirmation mails been sent yet? :)

Dave Sohigian

I have been reading Groundswell over the last couple weeks and posting my "reviews" as I go along. It's more of a journal of the insights that I am getting from the different sections of the book. I am two posts in so far: http://blog.sohigian.com/category/bookreviews/groundswell/


Hi, already have a copy, half way through but I've love to do a short interview with you (through email) that I could post on my blog next month for my niche Irish readers?




I have the same question as Matthijs. I emailed on May 21. I haven't received a confirmation email, or a "sorry, too late," email.
Have emails of either type been send out?


Found the confirmation email in my inbox. Thanks a lot Forrester!

Zena Weist

Probably late to this party, if you are still sending books out, I'm in.

Mick Leyden

Got my confirmation email today!

Thanks very much guys, looking forward to getting stuck into it!



I always enjoy reading Groundswell blog.......great ideas

Monty Metzger

Dear Charlene,
I also posted a recommendation on Amazon and on my Blog http://blog.monty.de

I already read your book and would give the free-copy of Groundswell as a gift to a marketing manager in Germany - to spread your message.


hit kazan

thanks youu


Thanks very much for the review copy of the book, which I've just finished. I've also done a "mindmap" of the book, the POST framework, and other aspects of the Groundswell:
By the way, I'd be interested in seeing the various ways in which the free review copies for bloggers initiative helped to energize the groundswell about Groundswell. Is there a way of keeping track of this? Obviously, comments here might do the trick. So might tagging, or...
Any thoughts?

Craig Thomler

I'm impressed with your approach with Groundswell - will definitely be picking up a copy for my employer and are using some of your commentary in my blog.

I'd be very interested in seeing some tracking of social media use over time - when will 2008 figures be out?


thank you:)

izmir evden eve

thank you wery much


I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Laszlo Dosa

thank you

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