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April 14, 2008

Weekly social data chart: strategy for Alpha moms

by Josh Bernoff

For our third data chart, we wanted to show how some clients are using the Social Technographics Profile to make decisions about their social applications using our data. 

In this case, we’re looking at Alpha Moms, a group that includes mothers with above-average incomes and a favorable attitudes towards technology. Their profile is shown below.

groundswell figure 3-5

The notable thing about the profile of Alpha Moms, as we describe in Chapter 3 of Groundswell, is that they’re more likely to be Critics than Creators – a fact that turned out to be important for the media company that was planning a community for them.

See the video below (or the book) for details on how the media company changed its strategy based on this information. (This is Charlene explaining this example from our consumer event last October.) If you're interested in more information about our data, we're happy to help.


Note for sticklers: the definition of Alpha Moms we used in Charlene's speech is slightly different from what we put in the book -- but the point is the same, that Critic, not Creator activities are the best fit for this group of consumers.



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Joshua Konkle

Why are the index numbers different in Charlene's video vs the chart above.

Specifically she said alpha-moms were above the US Adult index in collector and critic, but in the chart they are mildly above the index on Critic and Spectators.

Charlene says 140 and 142, but the chart you posted doesn't show those numbers. The comments are at 2:00-2:10 in the video.

Is it because the definition is different?

I'm not trying to belie your point of them being critics, but I'm wondering why the change form collector to spectator...or visa-versa?



Josh Bernoff

JK, good catch. In the speech, we used a definition that didn't include "family motivated." When we went back and checked, we had included that criterion in our work with the client, and in the book.

Clearly, your analysis of any given group depends on the definition. This is an issue we deal with regularly with clients -- we can help you a lot more if you know precisely your own customers' defining characteristics.

Joshua Konkle


I read your response with great delight, but this part had me chuckling "...we can help you a lot more if you know precisely your own customers' defining characteristics."

I can tell me a lot more if I know that too :-)

The dilemma is knowing who is actually on your site, you can assume audience type based on the content one creates.

Of course, that also depends, if you are consumer products you may be across the board.

We're trying to figure out just who is coming to our site, we know the bulk of our readers are analytics aka spectators/collectors based on our industry focus. We expect the critics to crop up, but be far less - especially if we don't engage them.

Anyway, another busy day - thanks for releasing these 'social data charts' they are helpful, even though I don't think alpha moms are following business continuity, eDiscovery, storage and data protection.

The concepts are helpful.


Brick Marketing

We must say - we love the term "Alpha Mom!" Interesting data.

Isabel Kallman

Can't wait to read how this compares to our proprietary research.

As the the media property that has been credited in the press for influencing the movement, I am curious to see how you define "Alpha Mom" apart from 1) favorable attitudes toward family and technology and 2) household income and education.

The true "Alpha Mom" definition is much richer than that.

Charlene or Josh, feel free to contact me to discuss further.

Looking forward to the read.

Isabel Kallman
Alpha Mom(TM), LLC

Isabel Kallman

P.S. When I wrote "richer" above, I meant in nuance, not money ;)

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