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April 16, 2008

Try our discussion forum

by Josh Bernoff

In Groundswell we promised to invite you to join the discussion.

Our discussion forum is now up and running. We'd love your participation. We're kicking this off as a place where businesspeople can help solve each others' problems in creating, implementing, managing, and promoting social applications.

We've added some topics to start things off -- if you'd like to see more, comment there or on this post.


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Paul Chaney

First, just got the book and am diving into it. I believe this is the most important book on social media since Naked Conversations.

More to the point of the post, forums are fine. Nothing wrong with them. But, why not take this a step further and start a Ning social network like Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba did. I'd join it. Hundreds (perhaps thousands) would as well.

Josh Bernoff

Thanks for the suggestion, Paul.

Forrester has a policy of not accepting advertising to maintain the maximum possible objectivity. I love ning, but that could make it hard for us to use it as a platform.

If the discussion forum does well we are likely to expand into a broader platform with the type of features you are describing.

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