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April 02, 2008

Some early Groundswell coverage

by Josh Bernoff

Thanks to everyone we've been meeting with lately -- bloggers, press, and just interesting people -- for being so interested in Groundswell.

We're just beginning, but looking at only people who've actually read the book, a few early tidbits have appeared in Dan Greenfield's BernaiseSource and the Wall Street Journal's Business Technology  blog.

The delightful BL Ochman twittered "Reading Groundswell http://tinyurl.com/2tb2gj & think it will become a new media marketing classic. every page is great! do not miss it! " (Thanks BL!)

Social Media Today made us Bloggers of the Week and called us the Steve and Eydie of social media.

Scoble went on and on about all sorts of stuff but mentioned the book a bunch of times in his video on Rodney Rumford's site facereviews.com

And Beet.TV posted their interview with me from Digital Hollywood.


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Jason Keeling

Funny, Ms. Ochman's "tweet" is what made me aware of Groundswell. It looks to be quite insightful. As much as I enjoyed Naked Conversations, I expect this work will provide a more comprehensive overview of social media's impact.

Jacob Morgan

Hi Charlene and Josh,

Just wanted to let you know that I posted a review of your new book! it's on alltop.com and I've been twittering it around as well. It's a great review and it's pretty comprehensive so spread it around!


Brick Marketing

This is great coverage for you guys! Congratulations and continue what you're doing!

B.L Ochman

I've reviewed the book on my blog http://tinyurl.com/39f4ze

I don't generally gush. In fact I think I have a curmudgeonly reputation, but this book makes me so happy. :>)

Becky Carroll

I also mentioned it on my blog http://customersrock.wordpress.com/2008/03/28/re-experiencing-starbucks-update-5-mystarbucksidea/, and I look forward to a full review very soon! I am almost finished with it and am enjoying every chapter immensely.

You guys rock!

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