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April 04, 2008

Groundswell now available

by Josh Bernoff

Groundswell_book Groundswell is now in stock and shipping from Amazon.com and BN.com.

We'd be quite pleased if you buy a copy.

Please let us know what you think. Contribute a review to Amazon or BN's sites -- reviews make a big difference to buyers (as we discuss in Chapter 7).

See you in the groundswell.


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Nikos Drandakis

Congratulations! I have already ordered the book in Amazon and can't wait to have it here (might take a bit longer since I live in Greece).

I'll review it in Amazon as well as in the iRead app in Facebook (I use it and it's great book resource).

colleen coplick

Charlene - I'm one of the many who follows you on twitter and loved your presentation from SXSW. Are you running a blogger review campaign? I'd love to take a look if you are.


Jeremy Lundberg - DLC-Solutions.com

Congratulations! Ordered my copy from Amazon 2 weeks ago and just received an email that it will be here shortly. Cant wait.

melissa parrish

Just got my copy. Can't wait to crack it open.

Bruce Hartley

hi charlene - thought you might be interested in what lead me to buy your book (a mini case study):

1 - met you at a forrester event a few years ago
2 - became a reader of your blog
3 - saw the book on your blog yesterday
4 - bought it at B&N today!

bruce hartley


Received my book today, and quickly jumped to the Case Study on Constant Contact in Chapter 7. Wonderful example of how a company can turn to their customers in order to provide a high-level of support for an application - as well as serve as "educators" in a way to "pay-it-forward". I especially like the 5 key items at the end of the chapter - far too often those key points have not been considered and product communities "die."


Very impressive job: Well written, entertaining and insightful.

Review here


Jim Brandmeier

our company targets adult music consumers 40+: I LOVE your book but it doesn't define what age ADULTS mean. Is there a good source to find the technographics of this demo. Again, I love your book!!! Thank you!!JB

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