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March 17, 2008

Meetup: San Francisco Blogger Dinner, March 25th

by Charlene Li

Josh is making his way to the West coast so we're going to have an informal, no-host blogger dinner on Tuesday, March 25th in San Francisco. Also joining us will be Jeremiah Owyang (bio, blog). The goal: to have a stimulating discussion around any topic that intrigues us -- in other words, all things social. No pitching allowed!

It’s pretty normal at blogger dinners that everyone pay their own way, and in the spirit of community blogger dinners, we’d ask that you chip in $30 for dinner and we’ll all buy each other drinks. Please RSVP and pay in advance, as there's space for 50 people. Hurry - I have to turn in a headcount by Sunday.

And see below for a list of attendees -- I'll be updating as frequently as I can.

SF Blogger Dinner on Tuesday, March 25th

Cocktail style, with a buffet of appetizers (pizzas, crispy calamari, spring rolls, chicken and beef satays, endive spears).

21st Amendment, 563 Second Street, San Francisco, phone: 415-369-0900

Tuesday, March 25th


$30 for dinner. Please RSVP/pay in advance and by Sunday, March 23rd at 6pm.

There's metered parking on Second Street. Closest lot is on Townsend, just west of Second Street (at least, according to Google Maps)

Update: I've been asked by several non-blogging PR people and vendors if they can come to the dinner. Well, frankly, anyone can sign up and I'm not going to be policing attendees. But realize that you may incur the wrath of dinner participants who are there to develop closer bonds with other bloggers. Not exactly the way to improve blogger relations if that is your goal!


Charlene Li
Josh Bernoff
Jeremiah Owyang
Adam Metz
Jacob Morgan
Sarah Park
Ted Shelton
Carter Lusher
Deborah Schultz
Eric Rosser Eldon
Beth Blecherman
Chris Heuer
Jennifer Jones
Shel Holtz
Justin Thorp
Kevin K. Leong
Esther Lim
Christopher Lynn
Janet Tyler
Samantha Weeks
Wayne Hengesbach


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Josh Bernoff

You make it sound like I'm coming to the west coast by wagon train . . . ;-)

Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Search Engine Optimization Journal

Enjoy the dinner! Ah to be in San Fran and get a good meal with some quality conversation = almost every East Coaster's dream! Brrr it's cold!

Chris Saad

Count me in!

Elliott Ng

I'm all in. Great idea! Count us in:
Elliott Ng / CNReviews.com / blog about China travel,entrepreneurship, and blogosphere
Pat Jenkins / Blog.kango.com / blog about Travel and Travel 2.0

Vectorpedia (Rick)

It should be a great evening for all............enjoy !

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