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November 21, 2007

Forrester videos on social technologies from Consumer Forum 2007

by Charlene Li

Charlene Li Josh BernoffThe video highlights from our Consumer Forum 2007 are now available. Josh and I were keynotes and we spoke in details about some of the key highlights from our book. Below is a summary of the keynote speakers and speech topics. In particular, I highly recommend the speeches by Christie Hefner and Henry Jenkins.

***Note that you need to use Internet Explorer to use the navigation and see the slides.***

  • Charlene Li — Vice President, Principal Analyst:  Your Customers Are Revolting ;-)
  • Josh Bernoff — Vice President, Principal Analyst:  Business Strategies For Success In The Groundswell
  • Christie Hefner — Chairman and CEO, Playboy Enterprises & Brian Haven — Senior Analyst:  Social Networking And User-Generated Content In Today’s Media Environment
  • Christina Norman  — President, MTV Networks:  MTV — Defining The Next Generation
  • Robert J. Bach — President, Entertainment & Devices Division, Microsoft:  Connected Entertainment: Delivering New Ways To Bringing People Together
  • Richard Edelman — President and CEO, Edelman:  Corporate Image In The Age Of Social Technologies
  • Jeremy Allaire — Founder and CEO, Brightcove, Ze Frank — Founder, ZeFrank.com, Philip J. Kaplan — Founder and President, Products, AdBrite, & Shar VanBoskirk — Principal Analyst: Three People Who Are Changing The Face Of Media
  • Henry Jenkins — Co-Director, MIT Comparative Media Studies, MIT & Josh Bernoff — Vice President, Principal Analyst: Why The Convergence Culture Matters To You


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