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August 16, 2007

Web 2.0/social computing explained, thanks to Common Craft

by Charlene Li

Every struggled to explain social bookmarking, RSS, social networking, or wikis to someone -- let's say, your boss, co-worker, or family member? Struggle no more!

Common Craft just published the latest in its series of short, informative videos, one that explains social bookmarking services like del.icio.us.

Here's a quick list of available videos, all of which use a cute paper-cutout way to show how things work (no flickering computer screens or screenshots allowed):

- Social Bookmarking In Plain English
- RSS In Plain English
- Wikis In Plain English
- Social Networking In Plain English

So if you're planning a training session, or want to get an executive up to speed quickly on these new technologies, I encourage you to watch these videos as part of your prep. Or even simpler, just play the videos themselves!

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Rachel Crutchley


I am trying to establish the effect of blogging on company's communications with their customers/stakeholders.
I.e. does the fact that it facilitates two-way communication
fundamentally alter the dialogue process?
I am doing the research as part of my dissertation for my course MA

Communications Management. It would help me greatly if you were to answer the short questionnaire below and send it to

Let me know if you require any additional information.

Kind regards, Rachel

Rachel Crutchley
Student ID 9901912

Questionnaire on corporate blogging – please return to r.crutchley@londonmet.ac.uk Many thanks

Corporate blogging is a relatively new addition to the communications mix. In what ways do you think its evolution has affected corporations relationship with their customers/stakeholders?

In your view what role does corporate blogging play in the communications mix of organisations?

In your view what is the appropriate level of blogging in a company e.g. who (what level) should blog? How frequently?

What arrangements/safeguards (if any) are in place to manage your corporate blog? E.g. are comments censored before they are made live on the site?

Do you have, or have to adhere to any kind of corporate code when blogging?

Could you briefly outline how you feel blogs add or should add to the functionality of a company's communication with its customers/stakeholders?

In your view as blogging becomes more widespread how can we ensure corporate blogs are effective and useful?

Please comment on the future of blogging and communications and anything else you feel relevant?

Please pass this questionnaire on to anyone else in your company that also blogs on the company blog.

Many thanks


Excellent find. This video is amazing. Common Craft is really onto something.

Chris Dowell

Thanks for the videos. I get asked the question quite frequently.

Michael Hickins

Hi Charlene,
Did you see that NSA folks are trying to launch a social network for spies? Wikispookia?
We just published a series on social bookmarking in the enterprise and did a review (http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1759,2168288,00.asp)
of ConnectBeam and some other more familiar names.
I'd love to know what you think.
Michael Hickins
executive editor

Dave Morehouse

Just giving credit where credit is due: "Just stumbled across this as I was browsing around looking for something interesting: Charlene Li's post..."; http://davemscom.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!217A4DFE679DE9D4!674.entry


Great info there...nicely explained the so called web 2.0 hypes.



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Healing the Body

Wow - it was great. I signed up for Del.icio.us over a year ago, and kind of forgot about it. That presentation is super descriptive and reminds me of the value of the Social Bookmarking.


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As usual it's a great video by Common Craft

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