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July 11, 2007

Soliciting entries for the Groundswell awards

Are you doing something special with social technologies? We want to reward you.

With this post, we open up the world for nominations for the Groundswell awards -- to be given to the most innovative and effective uses of Groundswell technologies like blogs, wikis, social networks, and communities by organizations. Rules are posted below. Nominations are due by August 1September 1, so gets yours in soon! Winners get a free ticket to Forrester's Consumer Forum, a fantastic event in Chicago October 11 and 12, where they will be recognized for excellence. This is your chance to strut your stuff!

The rules:

1. Entries should represent excellent and effective use of social technologies to advance an organizational or corporate goal.

2. All entries must be emailed to groundswell@forrester.com. Entries should include text, links, and any other attachments in electronic format only. Powerpoint, MS Word, and PDF files are acceptable. Entries must also include telephone and email contact information for the individual submitting the entry. Entries are considered non-confidential public information and may be quoted, with attribution, on this site, in Forrester Research documents, and in the book Groundswell. If you're shy, don't enter.

3. Entries can be submitted in one of six categories: LISTENING, SPEAKING, ENERGIZING, SUPPORTING, EMBRACING, and MANAGING -- based on the objectives of the organization in pursuing social technologies. (Update: a seventh category - SOCIAL IMPACT has been added) This is partly a reflection of our belief that categories like "best blog" and "best community" are ephemeral, but goals and relationships are more fundamental. You can submit the same entry in more than one category, but it won't help you. For more information what the first five goals mean, see this. The Managing goal applies to use of technology within an organization.

4. Entries should include a description of what the company or organization did, what the goal was, and how you or they measured the goal to prove it worked. For applications available to all on the Internet, include a link to the site or application. For applications behind a password or firewall, include screen shots or other materials showing the site or application. All entries should include a contact person available for interview for more detail on the applications. If you cannot provide a knowledgeable person to talk about it, you probably won't win.

5. Entries can be submitted by the organization or company that did them, or by a vendor or agency that worked with them. For entries submitted by a vendor or agency, you must have the permission of the organization or company that you worked with.

6. The judges are Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li. Our judging decisions are final and completely subjective.

7. We will judge entries on the following criteria: (a) Innovation, (b) Audacity, (c) Authenticity, (d) Delivery of measurable results. Use of fancy technology is not necessary and will not be a criterion. Applications that have already received a lot of publicity are less like to win vs. newer ideas.

8. We will award at most one winner in each of the six seven categories, plus runners-up if we feel like it. If there are no worthy entries in a category, we won't give an award in that category.

9. Winners get a free ticket to Forrester's Consumer Forum in Chicago, Illinois, USA on October 11-12, 2007, a $1995 value.  Speakers at the Forum include  Christina Norman, President of MTV;  Christie Hefner, CEO of Playboy  Enterprises; Richard Edelman, CEO of Edelman; and Henry Jenkins, Co-director of MIT's Comparative Media Studies Program.

10. Winners will also be featured on this blog and will receive their awards at the Forum in Chicago. They will also receive a handsome electronic badge they can post on the Internet site (possible slogan: Groundswell Award Winner: WE'RE SWELL!). Winners must also agree to be featured in the book Groundswell, but at our discretion. If your application is not yet announced, it may reassure you to know that the book won't be published until next spring.

Note: based on questions we added a new Q&A post about the awards.

Update: A new category - Social Impact has been added. More details are available in this post.

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Guillermo Lutzky

Projects from abroad, with content in spanish, are allowed?


Josh Bernoff

We would be delighted to receive entries from anywhere in the world.

If the site or content is not in English, adding explanations to your entry to explain what we're looking at would be very helpful to us, of course!



Can we nominate organisations? I don't have any contacts there, but I read the very interesting blog http://psdblog.worldbank.org/psdblog/ "The Private Sector Development Blog (PSD Blog) gathers together news, resources and ideas about the role of private enterprise in fighting poverty." The authors are members of the World Bank group, though "Their posts are their own, and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the World Bank Group"

Josh Bernoff

You can nominate anyone, but just sending a URL is not enough. You have to prove that they have accomplished something measurable.

Suzi Owens

Hi there

Just wanted to check in to see when the winner will be announced for the Groundswell award.

p.s. congrats on completing your book!


Hey Josh:

Will these awards also happen in '08? If so, is there a website I could visit for submissions?



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